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Sometimes to take a major step forward,
you have to completely re-think.

An idea, born in a small garage in Woodstock, GA some 13 years ago – named D'Sapone®, was and remains today rooted in the Art of tile, stone, and grout restoration. And this Art resides in the very heart of the D'Sapone® success story. Within our 5,000 sq ft studio – innovation and passion flows through the veins of all ‘D'Sapone®’s Artist’.  All of our artists are experts in the restoration industry with very detailed training and certifications.

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Feel fully immersed in your decision.

Selecting a stone, tile and grout restoration company is very personal. As with all things you expect, how your restoration looks and the durability is as important as the customer service given by our experts. So we at D'Sapone® give you an experience – you’ve never experienced. Call one of our experts today with any concerns or questions.

Products. Exclusives. Rights.

Today this Art of hand applying pFOkUS®’s exquisitely designed products and holding results to exact standards without compromise, has resulted in our companies status – ‘5 Stars’.  Our company stands alone with exclusive rights to pFOkUS®’s patented products, in most all states.  pFOkUS®’s products are not the cheapest – they are the best quality. Our artists deliver an experience like no other, each and every job.
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pFOkUS Products

All of our artists are certified.

It’s what makes a D’Sapone artist, artistic. We train expertise at every level – restoration, customer service and problem solving. D'Sapone® meets the Professional Standards for durability and lasting performance with our application process as per ANSI Specs.  From the moment your artist walks in the door to the beginning of the restoration, you will experience your artist’s passion and respect they bring to the job.
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D’Sapone’s Certified Artists


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