4 Reasons Which Prove Why Caulking is Outdated & the Better Alternative

4 Reasons Which Prove Why Caulking is Outdated & the Better Alternative

SEO D'Sapone, April 25, 2019

Acrylic or silicone caulks are applied on shower corners in order to seal them, thereby preventing leakages. People have been caulking a shower since many years now. This practice is highly outdated and inefficient, because it does not deal with the deep-rooted issues with caulking in the first place. To solve their caulking issues, people resort to re-caulking, which is nothing but removing the old and damaged caulk and applying a fresh one in its place. This process of caulking and re-caulking gets you into a continuous loop. In this article, we will discuss the woes of this outdated practice and talk about a better solution.

Why is Caulking Outdated?

1. Caulk is Temporary:

Any solution that does not give permanent results can be called outdated because in today’s world, people only seek permanent and hassle free alternatives.

2. Caulk is not Temperature-Resistant:

Showers always have moisture and dampness, which lead to failure of caulking as it soon begins to peel off. The peeling caulk looks bad and also does not give any protection to your shower corners, which soon get attacked by stains and mold. Due to the dampness, you may find mold on caulk too, which further deteriorates the bathroom caulk. Caulk shrinks and cracks in dry settings and peels off in wet settings. If you do re-caulking, it will lead to same issues again.

mold and stains on shower caulk3. Caulk does not Raise the Aesthetic Beauty:

Caulk is also very bulky. With today’s new age products, it is possible to seal caulk with powerful epoxy resin sealers, which give natural and sleek appearance, unlike caulk.

4. Caulk is not Chemical Resistant:

When certain chemicals are used, caulk reacts with them, re-emulsifies or loses its bond, which lead to mold breeding again. If you have done caulking in your shower corners, you cannot use heavy duty cleaners, as they will damage the caulk.

Where is Caulk Used in Bathrooms?

Caulk is basically used in two areas in a bathroom – in the shower and on bathtub. In both the places, it is used for sealing. Let us see its purpose in both the areas…

Caulk in Shower:

Many people hire contractors for caulking shower corners or they also do it themselves at times with the sole purpose of sealing the corners. Sealing or fusing shower corners makes them waterproof for a limited time, thereby preventing mold. As soon as the caulk peels off or gets damaged, people hire experts for recaulking shower, getting into a continuous loop of caulking and re-caulking and mounting their expenses simultaneously, not to forget the mess created every time.

Caulk in Bathtub:

Those who have bathtubs in their bathrooms, use caulk for caulking bathtub to the wall. This practice fuses the tub to the wall corners and prevents mold and mildew breeding. As soon as the old caulk wears off, they get experts to recaulk bathtub so as to prevent mold and mildew breeding, knowing all the while that they will have to go through the same process in a few months.

mold on bathtub caulk

Which is a Better Solution?

These facts on caulking justify the significance of a caulk-free procedure, which will totally eliminate the practice of caulking a shower. If your contractor advises you to go for re-caulking to get rid of peeling and staining issues in the corners, then it is time you switch to a better solution. D'Sapone®’s artists implement a revolutionary non-caulk process while waterproofing the corners. Our specially designed caulk substitute never pops from the surface and renders sleek and natural appearance to your shower and bathtub corners. Our artists also color match the product with the surface before filling the corners to deliver a natural and beautiful appearance. Replacing bathtub caulk and shower caulk without damaging the integrity of the tile and grout is an art our artists came to master.

caulk-free process

So, if you are seeking a good contractor who offers services for replacing caulk in shower and bathtub then do contact D'Sapone®. We first engage in caulking mold removal using efficient cleaners and then seal the corners permanently. We have patented our procedures and also provide a 5 year labor warranty on our services. When it comes to caulking, we are indeed different from the usual contractors, as we fix caulk related issues permanently.

So hurry up and contact D'Sapone® now to avail the best alternative instead of caulking the shower. You can also get a free caulk removal estimate.

If you have any queries regarding caulking or re-caulking, please leave us a message in the comment section below. We are quite active on social media too. Follow us for tips and latest articles on tile, grout and stone restoration, on our Facebook page and Instagram page.

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  1. Ida Jordan 4 years ago

    Do you do free estimates? I am looking to purchase a townhome. The home inspector says the bathtub has rust around it and solutions are: 1) remove tub and have it redone or 2) do a temporary fix and caulk “the hell out of it and reseal it”. I really like the townhome, but I don’t know if the seller is willing to do any repairs. I don’t want problems down the road because I will keep it for at least 6 or 7 years.

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