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D'Sapone® is a leading caulking and mold removal services provider in the US. If you are fed up with the recurrent caulk peeling or cracking issues, look no further and hire our contractors to get the best results. Our revolutionary procedures regarding caulking will give you a pleasant surprise. Here is a brief description of our caulking and mold removal services.

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Services We Offer:

  • Mold and Mildew Cleaning with Powerful Remedies
  • Cracks and Chips in Tile and Grout Repair Services to Prevent Mold
  • Grout Sealing with patented procedures
  • Tile Sealing to prevent staining and restoring sheen
  • Caulk Substitution with Better Products

Free Estimates and Quotations:

We understand that you all are skeptical about hiring a new company when it comes to hard surface restorations. At D'Sapone®, we give you a detailed explanation of the problems in your surfaces and explain how you can benefit from your procedures. We give absolutely free quotations and estimates, after which, you are free to take your call.

Discussing with our talented artists will open up a new spectrum of possibilities for you, of procedures about which you may have never heard of. Our free estimates give you the benefit of educating yourself of new and revolutionary science-backed procedures patented by D'Sapone®. You can easily understand the difference between low-quality contractors and our services.

Caulking Services:

We offer the following caulking services:

  • Architectural caulking
  • Structural elastomeric caulking
  • Wet seal caulking
  • Cut out & re-caulking
  • Masonry expansion joints
  • Sidewalk caulking/sealing

Why is D'Sapone®’s Caulking Services Different from the Others?

What is caulk?

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Caulk is generally used to seal window frames to the wall, tubs to the ground or walls, sinks to the wall, tile corners, and such other areas. It is made from latex, acrylic or silicone and inserted in a caulking gun. It can be applied easily using a caulking gun and has to be then pressed with your fingers to fix it. But, unfortunately, this is only a temporary respite.

Problems with Caulk:

  • Caulk is not weather-resistant.
  • Caulk peels off in wet or humid conditions.
  • It starts cracking in dry weather.
  • The gaps formed in caulk easily accumulate water, thereby leading to mold and mildew occurrence on caulk.
  • It turns greenish black in a few months and ruins the beauty of your surfaces.

D'Sapone®’s Remedy:

D'Sapone® does not use the usual acrylic, silicone or latex caulk to seal window frames, tubs, sinks, wall joints, tile joints, shower corners, etc. Our revolutionary caulking services are done using a caulk substitute that delivers better and long-lasting results. Any type of regular caulk usually starts peeling or cracking in a few months. Caulk is not weather-resistant and that is the reason why D'Sapone® does not use caulk to seal such surfaces. We use a powerful solvent-based flexible adhesive along with our patented procedures that fixes to the joints like an adhesive and never pops off. We also offer the option of color sealing your joints to get you the desired matching shade.

D'Sapone - Caulking Services

D'Sapone®’s Mold Removal Services:

What is Mold?

Mold is a sort of fungus that develops in damp places where water or moisture accumulates. You can find it on natural stone surfaces that are unsealed, unsealed grout surfaces, deteriorated caulk, corners and countertops. Once these surfaces are sealed, water cannot penetrate deep within and it dries up. So, mold cannot occur on sealed surfaces.

Problems with Mold:

  • Mold reeks of a bad odor.
  • Mold and mildew spread from one surface to another in a matter of minutes.
  • They have a greenish-black color, which looks very disgusting.
  • Mold and mildew also cause respiratory issues, eye infections and wheezing.
  • If ignored for long, they deteriorate the structure from within and also from the top.

D'Sapone®’s Remedy:

D'Sapone®’s mold removal services include mold and mildew removal from the root using a deep-penetrative cleaning procedure. Once completely sanitized, we then seal the grout and tile separately to ensure that there is no scope for moisture penetration or accumulation again. Without any moisture, mold and mildew cannot occur again.

Caulking and Mold Removal Services by D'Sapone®:

When you hire D'Sapone® for caulking and mold removal services, you can expect our artists to do the following procedures.

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Old Caulk Removal:

We have our own patented procedures for removal of old and damaged caulk. If you have opted for architectural caulking services for surfaces like window frames or such others, we first remove the old caulk and wipe the surface clean. In showers too, we first remove the old caulk.

Stains, Mold and Mildew Removal:

If you have opted for caulking and mold removal services in your shower, our artists will first thoroughly clean the area with our deep-penetrative cleaning procedures to remove all traces of mold and stains from the root.

Repairing Cracks and Chips:

If the surface has tiles or grout such as in floors, walls, countertops or showers, we first repair the cracks and chips using our powerful crack repairing procedures. We do not advise you to replace the entire tile or regrout. But, we use our powerful adhesives to seal the gaps and give you a seamless looking uniform surface.

Applying our Caulk Substitute:

Next, we use our revolutionary caulk substitute to seal your corners, joints, window frames or any such areas which were earlier sealed by caulk. We even offer the option of color sealing your joints, gaps and corners as our adhesives can be color-shaded.

Caulk-substitute - senturaSealing Grout:

We recommend our grout sealing services if you do not want mold to occur again. Our mold removal services do not guarantee that mold will not occur again. As soon as the surface comes in contact with moisture again, it invites mold and mildew to breed. We seal the grout next, as we are aware that grout is absolutely porous and will again absorb moisture and lead to mold breeding. We recommend to seal the grout under tile, else it will give a hazy appearance under the tile sealant.

Sealing Tile:

Lastly, we offer tile sealing services to prevent mold formation again on the tile. Our sealing services will deliver a clear and natural looking tile surface with a restored sheen and brilliance, along with being waterproof and resistant to mold.

You can opt to hire us only for caulking and mold removal services or also take our mold prevention services. D'Sapone® offers a 5 year labor warranty on our services as well!


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