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Are you one of those house proud people who take pride in cleaning, maintaining and decorating your homes? If yes, then you will also be quite concerned about the dirt and grime hiding in many places in your home. You also might be having an inclination towards sparkling and shining flooring, tabletops, countertops, showers and other such areas in your house. Here in this article, we will throw light on how  professional countertop cleaning, honing, polishing and sealing services can renew your surfaces.

Polishing Travertine StoneWe have experts who can perform a professional countertop restoration service to remove all the deep-root stains, mold, dirt, scratches and cracks from your surface, restoring your countertops just like new.

Basic Issues with Kitchen Countertops:

  • If you have used natural stone like marble, slate, granite or travertine on your kitchen countertops then you must be aware that these natural stones are highly porous. Due to the porosity factor, they tend to absorb all kinds of liquids and moisture. This dampness inside its pores offers excellent breeding ground for mold and mildew to develop. Mold leaves an unsightly looking greenish black residue on the stone, making it look dull and stained.
  • For countertops made from ceramic and porcelain, dense staining, chipping and dulling over a period of time are common issues.
  • Some stone tiles like slate shed dust. With the shedding, the outer coat gets worn off easily, leaving a dull surface behind.
  • Acidic cleaners cause etching on the tile, which further makes it look dull.
  • Any kind of food and beverage spills and dust accumulation on the surface, makes the stone look dull over time.
  • Countertops get scratched easily due to cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits.
  • Placing hot vessels right from the stove onto the countertops causes the surface to lose its sheen and lustre.
  • Cracks and chips on the surface further contribute to its deterioration.

How does D'Sapone® give you the Perfect Countertop Restoration?

Granite Cleaning and SealingD'Sapone® is one of the leading stone, tile, glass, grout, brick and tub restoration service providers in the US. Here is a detailed explanation of countertops cleaning, honing, polishing and sealing services offered by D'Sapone®. We have highly-trained staff who perform an excellent restoration service along with a 5-year labor warranty. We only use pFOkUS® products for our services. It is our sister concern that manufactures some of the best restoration products in the US.

Removing Stains from Tile and Grout:

Thorough countertop cleaning is done using a heavy duty deep penetrating cleaner, which does not cause etching on the surface. D'Sapone® artists use Imperia Deep Clean, which is a deep soaking cleaner that penetrates deep inside the pores and eliminates mold and stains at the root level. Our countertops cleaning service is quite detailed and we ensure that all kinds of tile and grout surfaces are rendered immaculately clean and sparkling.

Honing the Tile:

Honing is a delightful procedure that delivers a matte finish on your tile surfaces. Few tiles like marble, travertine, slate and others can be honed to get a desired mid-matte, low-matte or high-matte finish. We have our high-quality products that we use for honing your tile.

Repairing Cracks in Countertop Grout and Tile:

After a thorough cleaning and honing, the cracks in tile and grout become even more evident. Our artists focus on restoring the complete beauty of your countertops, which is incomplete if the tile or grout are cracked or chipped. We first use Sentura – a two-part flexible epoxy/resin adhesive based on 1200pSi adhesion, to fill in the cracks and missing spaces. We also offer to color match the grout and tile in over 40 options so that you can get the exact shade of your tile and grout.

Protecting and Sealing Countertop Grout:

A Sealed Granite Countertop cleaning and sealingGrout is a permeable substance which absorbs all the liquid spills leading to mold and mildew growth. It is necessary to keep the countertop grout away from stains to preserve the natural beauty of your surface, else it will look stained. Most artists do grout sealing using water based sealers which tend to peel off quickly, causing stains in a short span of time. D'Sapone® offers a proper grout sealing service that protects the grout from further staining or mold occurrence. Our artists ensure that the grout becomes waterproof and protected by using Caponi® – a two-part pigmented solvent titanium resin/epoxy grout sealer from pFOkUS®. We offer to color seal your grout in more than 40 color options.

Tile Waterproofing and Sealing:

It is necessary to seal the countertop tile after cleaning and grouting it. If you do not use a sealer, the countertop will again get scratched or stained. We offer tile sealing services for natural stone tile countertops using Celine- a clear resin topical solvent-based sealer that shuts the pores and leaves the surface with a sheen and lustre. Our services ensure that a hydrophobic layer is formed on the surface, thereby protecting the grout for long.

Polishing Countertops:

After the tile and grout are cleaned and sealed, a polishing service can get back the lost sheen on your surfaces. This sheen will last for a lifetime and you will never have to worry about staining issues or etching issues again. D'Sapone® uses Merano and Celine to polish countertop tile to get that dazzling sheen and lustre.

Maintaining Countertops:

marble countertops cleaningOur detailed countertops cleaning, honing, sealing and polishing services can restore your dull surfaces just like new. Once sealed and polished, we educate our customers to use Valore Maintenance Cleaner or Imperia Maintenance to remove the superfluous stains that may form on the surface from time to time.

Tips for Preserving the Beauty of Countertops:

  • In case of a food spill or oil spill, do not spread it all over the surface while cleaning, instead, blot it using a tissue or blotting paper and then clean it. This prevents the food to spread on the entire surface.
  • While keeping hot vessels, use a coaster below. Keeping a very hot vessel directly on the countertop can make the stone lose its sheen.
  • Use a chopping board while chopping and cutting vegetables and fruits.
  • Refrain from using acidic cleaners, which cause etching on the surface.
  • Seal your countertops with an efficient sealer, which creates a protective coating on the entire surface. Ensure that your contractor is using a proper sealer which does not give a bulky look, while getting a countertop restoration done.

D'Sapone® offers the best and most detailed countertops cleaning, honing, sealing and polishing services. Our experts render your surface sparkling clean and sealed properly to avoid any problems in future with a 5 year warranty.If you want to restore your countertops yourself, you can purchase pFOkUS® products and do-it-yourself.


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