Freedom from Mold, Stains and Etching this 4th of July | Hire D’Sapone

Freedom from Mold, Stains and Etching this 4th of July | Hire D'Sapone® Today

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4th of July holds emotional significance for all of us as on this day, we gained freedom from our captivators. As we independently took the lead of our country, we also promised to protect it and keep our surroundings clean and tidy. But as they say – ‘Cleanliness begins at home’, so on this Independence Day, let us all pledge to first clean our homes and buildings thoroughly to make our homeland absolutely clean and sparkling. To help you restore your surfaces at home, D'Sapone® can be your most trusted partner. This article elaborates on all our remarkable hard surface restoration services.

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D'Sapone® and pFOkUS® Hand-in-Hand:

To be able to offer the best restoration services, we need the best quality products. On this occasion, We give a shout out to pFOkUS® – a leading restoration products manufacturing company, for its incredible range of tile, grout, glass, stone, tub and brick restoration products. D'Sapone® signed an exclusive deal with pFOkUS® for using only their products for our services with a 5-year labor warranty.

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Here is a brief on all the kinds of hard surfaces restorations we offer:

(a) Tile and Grout Restoration Services:

Where are tile and grout restoration services required?

Tile and grout are used in countertops, showers, floors and walls. D'Sapone® offers deep floor, countertop and shower cleaning, repairing and sealing services for all these areas.

What are the main problems with tile and grout?

  • Tile and grout get covered with mold, mildew, stains, hard water spots and etch marks.
  • They also crack and develop pits and crevices.
  • Tile and grout get re-stained frequently even after thorough cleaning.
  • These areas lose their sheen and lustre after some time.

What restoration services do we offer to tackle these problems?

  • We Destroy Common Tile and Grout Villains:

marble shower restoration service - D'SaponeOur experts have a trained eye and know exactly how to tackle dirty tile and grout. We offer countertop, shower and floor cleaning services using a penetrating cleaner and a tile and grout cleaning brush that are not abrasive and yet powerful enough to remove the hidden stains and mold. We ensure that after our 4th of July restoration services, your tile and grout surfaces are thoroughly sanitized, hygienic and sparkling.

  • We Get you Independence from Caulk Issues:

Every 4th of July, people usually get caulking and recaulking done to make their showers look new before their guests arrive. This time, D'Sapone® brings you a completely new and permanent procedure that will bid good-bye to caulking forever. We have totally abolished the traditional practice of caulking with a stronger adhesive that never pops off, deteriorates or turns blackish. Once caulk has been substituted with our adhesive, you will find grout lines at the corners to be water-resistant.

  • We get your freedom from Efflorescence:

freedom from Efflorescence - D'SaponeOften people confuse efflorescence to be regular mineral deposits settled due to hard water. But, our experts have a trained eye to spot the difference and tell you if you have an efflorescence issue in your shower. Efflorescence is a mixture of minerals, cement and water that travels from beneath the tile and grout to the surface above from any available hole, such as a drain. If left ignored, it may clog your drains or even crack your tile. Our experts remove this build-up with our patented efflorescence removal procedures, ensuring that your tile and grout are unaffected. Our patented shower cleaning services include mold and mildew, stains, hard water spots, dirt and grime, soap scum and efflorescence removal.

  • D'Sapone® Heals your Tile and Grout Cracks Seamlessly:

When guests pour over your homes on the 4th of July, you obviously do not want them to see visible cracks and crevices in your tile and grout. Repairing cracks in tile and grout is an important part of hard surfaces restoration. Our professionals are trained to spot cracks and holes in tile and grout. If not rectified, these crevices may hoard water and lead to water stagnation and subsequent mold breeding. We use the best and highest-quality adhesive for tile crack repair that does not appear bulky and also never pops off the surface. A common man would not know which adhesive to use, but after hiring D'Sapone®, you can expect seamless repair jobs.

  • D'Sapone® frees you from Constant Grout Deterioration:

If you are thinking of re-grouting this 4th of July, then you should read this first. We emphasize on grout sealing before tile sealing. Grout is porous and the moisture inside leads to mold breeding. This moisture also leads to a hazy appearance beneath the tile sealant. D'Sapone® ensures that your grout is restored and sealed to prevent further deterioration with a patented color grout sealing process using a pigmented waterproof sealer.

  • We Restore the Original Sheen on your Tile:

If you want the restoration you got done on 4th of July on your tile and grout to last long, then you need to seal your surfaces to prevent re-staining and further damage. We focus on sealing your tile in floors, showers, or countertops with an incredible sealer that enters the pores and shuts them and makes the surface waterproof. Our tile sealing process not just adds a coating protecting, but it also brings an incredible sheen to the surface.We do not use water-based sealers like some other companies because we are aware that these are not long-lasting.

So, get your tile and grout restored the D'Sapone® Way to ensure better lifespan, beauty, integrity, sheen, lustre and protection for your floors, walls, countertops and showers. We deliver the best results and give the best make-over to your tile and grout surfaces.

(b) Glass Restoration Services:

Where are glass restoration services required?

Glass surfaces like glass doors in showers are the most vulnerable parts of a house. If you have shelves installed in your shower, these too get frequently stained and dirty. D'Sapone® offers the best glass restoration services that include glass cleaning, glass sealing and adding glass enclosures to prevent leakage from glass shower doors.

What are the main problems with Glass Surfaces?

  • Glass surfaces like glass shower doors and glass shelves get etched due to use of acidic cleaners.
  • These doors and shelves also get dirty with hard water stains and water spots.
  • Soap scum and regular dust and grime make shower doors and shelves dirty after every use.
  • Glass doors, when not installed properly, develop leaks at the bottom, making the area outside the showers wet.
  • As glass shower doors are always damp, there is greater probability of mold and mildew developing near the edges, on the metal frames and at the hinges of a shower door.

What restoration services do we offer to tackle these problems?

  • D'Sapone® offers complete freedom from all kinds of glass stains and etch marks:

Benaz-Cleaner-Sealer-Glass-Hard-Water-dot-prevention-Shower-glassThis 4th of July, hire our experts to ensure that your glass surfaces shine and sparkle just like new. Our highly trained experts remove all the stains, ething and mold from the glass with an exquisite glass door cleaning process. You will find the entrance to your shower clean and sparkling once cleaning is performed. We also remove the stains from glass shelves inside a shower and render your glass surfaces immaculately clean and sparkling.

  • We Ensure that these Villains do not Reoccur on your Glass Surfaces:

This 4th of July, we suggest you to get your glass surfaces clean and restored just like new and also ensure that you do not have to put efforts to clean them for a long time. Our sealing services will put an end to frequent glass cleaning. Glass doors in showers can easily become stained again due to hard water. After cleaning, our experts also perform glass sealing using a high quality sealer, thereby rendering a water-proof coating protection to your surfaces. Our services make it easier for you to maintain your glass doors. With guests at home for 4th of July, you will not have time to personally clean and maintain all the bathrooms, but our services will ensure that you need not worry about shower hygiene and beauty.

This way, if you desire freedom from mold, mildew, stains and etching this 4th of July, hire our experts today. So, if you are looking for a quality restoration for your residential or commercial complexes, then hire D'Sapone® today!


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