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Granite Floor Cleaning and Sealing Services – D’Sapone

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Granite stone is elegance personified. Its beauty further enhances your countertops, showers and floors. However, granite stone is not completely flawless. After a few years of use, many people complain of this stone losing its brilliance and lustre. However, with some innovative and revolutionary procedures, a flawed and damaged granite stone tile can be easily restored without having to replace the entire tile. Proper granite floor cleaning and restoration can bring back its shine and lustre just like new. Here is a brief explanation on granite restoration services offered by D'Sapone®.

Before we understand how D'Sapone® performs granite floor cleaning, let us know more about the common issues with granite stone and tips on its restoration if you plan to restore it yourself.

Common Issues with Granite Stone:

  • Although granite is not very porous as compared to other natural stones, it is porous to some extent. It is highly preferred in countertops and showers because of its high-resistance to dampness, but yet, it needs to be protected and sealed to prevent the common problems that come with dampness. When moisture does penetrate into the pores, it can lead to mold occurrence and germ breeding.
  • Sometimes, acidic beverages like wine or fruit juice and oil leaks on granite countertops cause staining and etching.
  • Granite showers face the problem of hard water stains and soap scum accumulation.
  • Countertops made from granite often face scratches due to cutting directly on the surface.
  • Granite stone tile may chip or crack due to impact with heavy furniture.

These are the common problems with granite tile. If you plan to perform a granite restoration yourself, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Tips to Remove Stains from your Granite Stone Tile:

granite floor cleaning service -Atlanta

Granite stone is attacked by several kinds of stains. These are soap scum, hard water deposits, dirt, filth, dust, mold, mildew, bacteria, food and beverage stains or even etch marks. All these different kinds of stains accumulate on your granite surfaces, robbing them of their beauty and lustre. For a thorough and deep-rooted granite cleaning, you need to use a heavy duty cleaner, which enters deep in the porous natural stone and removes the stains and mold from the root. You should use only granite approved cleaners for granite countertop cleaning and granite floors so that the beauty and structure of your stone is not damaged. Do not clean your stone tile with acidic cleaners as these cause etching. It is recommended to use cleaners with an alkaline or neutral pH balance.

Tips to Prevent Stains from Occurring Again?

After cleaning of granite surfaces, you cannot guarantee that the stains will not form again. You need a high-quality stone sealer to seal the granite stone so that stains do not attack the surface again. With the help of such a sealer, one can form a protective, water-proof barrier on the surface, thereby blocking mold and stains forever. It is always advisable to first seal the grout before sealing the tile. Grout is quite permeable and tends to absorb water, leading to stains and mold occurrence. Grout should be first sealed with a good-quality grout sealer followed by sealing the tile to prevent stain formation.

Tips to Restore the Lost Sheen on Granite Stone Tile:

Granite tile polishing is recommended if you want to get back the same lustre and brilliance your stone had when it was new as only cleaning and sealing will only remove stains and protect it further, but only polishing will restore the shine back again. Polishing the surface by buffing will renew its look and get back the lost lustre and sheen.

Mentioned-above are the important points to keep in mind if you plan to perform granite restoration yourself or even if you plan to hire a professional. Having this information helps you choose the right service provider.

If you are confused as to which service provider to choose for granite floor cleaning, you can hire D'Sapone® – one of the leading stone, tile, grout, glass and tub restoration service providers in the US. We offer a 5-year labor warranty on our services and all our procedures are patented. Our artists are highly trained in carrying out all kinds of hard surface restorations. We do not use products available at Big Box Stores, but we use only high-quality products from pFOkUS®. We have an exclusive deal with the company to use only their products for our services.

Here is a brief about Granite floor Cleaning and Restoration Performed by D'Sapone®.

Wiping Out Stains With Robust Cleaners:

granite floor cleaning in AtlantaOften granite stone tile used in showers faces the problem of mold, mildew and efflorescence. This is due to the constant dampness. Moreover, showers may also face the problem of hard stains and etch marks due to the use of acidic cleaners. Granite floors and countertops may have rigid and deep-penetrating stains caused by oil or wine marks.

Our highly trained artists eliminate all the deep rooted stains, mold, mildew and etching without damaging the surface while performing an incredible deep cleaning process. Our granite cleaning process is performed using a deep penetrating cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean, soaking deep into the stone to remove all the stains, mold and mildew from the root. We perform a different process to remove the efflorescence using a strong chemical – Zido. Not only do we eliminate the bulk efflorescence from the top of the surface, we also arrest its growth from the root.

Repairing Chips and Cracks With a Strong Adhesive:

Once the stone tile is thoroughly cleaned, cracks and chips in your granite floor or countertops will be even more clearly visible. Chips occur on the tile due to hard impact. If you leave these chips and cracks ignored, they may hurt someone walking bare feet. Furthermore, these chips also have a tendency to accumulate water, thereby leading to mold breeding.

granite floor cleaning and sealing service -dsapone

Our granite repairing services provide you with a seamless looking and uniform granite surface. We perform granite repair services using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin manufactured with a 1200psi adhesion that never pops out and protects your floor for a lifetime. Our revolutionary procedures seamlessly fill in the cracks and the holes in the tiles. We offer the option of color matching the adhesive in 40 different hues to match your needs. We promise to give you a seamless repair job and deliver a uniform look all over the granite surface.

Waterproofing Grout with an Incredible Sealer:

Most contractors miss this step of grout sealing. Grout is a very porous surface because it consists of sand and cement only. So, it tends to absorb water into its pores and become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. It also leads to nasty looking stains. Our granite floor cleaning service cleans your grout once, but it does not guarantee that stains will not reoccur.

To prevent re-staining or deteriorating of your grout, we perform our patented grout sealing procedure using a strong epoxy grout sealer – Caponi®, which is a titanium solvent-based two-part epoxy/resin. We offer to color seal your grout in more than 40 color options. Not only do we simply coat the grout lines, we waterproof the surface to prevent restaining. Many other contractors skip this step and it leads to mold breeding under the top tile sealant coat, giving a hazy appearance of your final tile sealant.

granite floor cleaning service -Atlanta

Sealing Granite With a Patented Sealer:

After sealing grout, your porous granite floor tile is still vulnerable to stains and mold occurrence. Our granite floor cleaning service removes the stains once, but it does not guarantee that they will not form again. As the surface is porous, it tends to absorb water again, leading to mold breeding and stains.

Many people resort to resealing granite if they feel their stone has lost its sheen or has developed stains and etching. But low quality sealers give only temporary results. Our experts seal the stone using Valore Granite sealer that renders a very sleek and natural appearance. Our procedure creates a hydrophobic effect on the tile floor to shield liquids from entering the surface. With our granite tile sealing services, your floor tile is protected from further stain formation.

This is a brief about D'Sapone®’s granite floor cleaning and sealing services. If you want to perform a granite cleaning and sealing service yourself, then it is recommended to buy high-quality products from pFOkUS® only.


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