Why You Need Professional Grout Sealing Services - D'Sapone

Why You Need Professional Grout Sealing Services – D’Sapone

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Home maintenance is no easy task. There are many of you who avoid hiring professional home restorators to save cost. But down the lane, the compound neglect could completely ruin your surfaces, adding up to greater expenses. Professional service providers have access to better and high-quality products and are also well-trained in sealing procedures. A professional grout sealing service is like that last bit of final touch every restoration needs to keep the hygiene and beauty intact. Let us go through the various benefits of professional grout sealing services by trusted experts. We have also jotted down tips to know when exactly you need to call in a professional team.

Why You Need Professional Grout Sealing Services - D'SaponeScrub, Wipe, Rinse, Repeat – Or a Better Alternative?

Are you someone who spends hours every week or every month scrubbing, scouring, wiping and rinsing dirt, stains, mold, mildew from your showers, countertops, floors and walls? Do you think that this is the only way to maintain the cleanliness of a house?

Well, ‘SEALING’ is a magical procedure that reduces this cleaning job of yours by half or even less! Sealing tile and grout by using epoxy/resin sealers, creates a hydrophilic waterproof barrier on the tile and grout, thereby preventing moisture, germs, mold or hard dirty stains to occur at the root level. Sealing prevents the tile and grout from getting too dirty and also makes maintenance easier.

Sealing Tile or Grout – Or Both?

Healthy Shower Restoration Grout Tile Sealing Grout Cleaning Caulk removalBut, if you feel that tile sealing is enough, then here is a fact that will blow your mind. Grout Sealing is as essential as tile sealing. Grout is made from cement and sand. It is a homogeneous mixture added in between two tiles to join them. Because of its ingredients, grout is very permeable. Although it fixes two tiles very well, it easily deteriorates because of its permeability. Grout easily allows water, moisture and liquids to pass through its pores, weakening its structure from within and allowing mold to occur at the root level.

You might be getting your tile sealed regularly, but if you do not seal your grout, then tile sealing is not that effective. The reason is that the moisture present in the grout invites mold and mildew breeding. This mold again quickly spreads on the tile surface, even beneath the top sealant coat, giving a very hazy appearance to your tile. Sealing ensures that the beauty of grout is maintained. It will not allow any liquid penetration and hence will remain intact.
Both grout and tile should be sealed separately and properly if you want to maintain the hygiene and beauty of your surfaces.

Sealing Grout Yourself or Hiring a Professional?

Sealing Grout Yourself or Hiring a ProfessionalYou might find grout sealers on the market. When you see the instructions on the containers, you think it is better to do it yourself and save the money on professional services. But, here is a fact that will change the way you think.

Professional grout sealing services are way better than do-it-yourself because:

  • These experts have been trained in these procedures. They have the right knack of performing the steps and they do not miss out on any steps.
  • For example, grout cleaning is necessary before grout sealing. To an amateur, the grout may seem clean, but only a professional has a trained eye to notice the slight buildup of mildew, mold or stains.
  • Moreover, if the grout is not cleaned properly, sealing it will not give very efficient results, as it will continue to look dirty even after being sealed.
  • Furthermore, professionals know exactly when the grout is completely dry and ready to be sealed. As an inexperienced person, you might be in a hurry to seal a wet grout.
  • Professionals have the right tools and equipment to perform the sealing and cleaning procedures.
  • If after cleaning, professionals notice a crack in the grout, they might first discuss with you to repair the crack and only then perform sealing. If you go on to seal a cracked grout, then the moisture or dirt present in the crack will be visible even after sealing.
  • Professionals are trained in these procedures and they know exactly how much time each surface will take. As an amateur, you may get tired mid-way and be tempted to hurry up or leave the procedure in the middle.
  • Practice makes man perfect. Professionals have had oodles of practice in these procedures and they will definitely give better finesse and results than do-it-yourself grout sealing.
  • Professional grout sealing services are worth hiring if you want to prolong the integrity, beauty and hygiene of your grout.
  • Do-it-yourself is difficult because many of you might be attempting the procedure for the first time and only end up wasting time and money.

So, all these reasons are enough to convince anyone to hire a professional for grout sealing.

When to Hire a Professional?

Do not consider yourself as a super human being when it comes to grout cleaning and sealing. The procedure can be tiring and you might end up doing unsatisfactory work, wasting time, energy and products. You can always hire a professional when –

  • Lack of Time: If you are slogging hard on weekdays and assume that you could tackle cleaning on weekends, along with providing childcare, laundry and other routine chores, then you will only end up feeling tired and depressed. Such intense cleaning can totally deplete your energy and so it is wise to hire a professional tile & grout sealing service. Having a beautiful, clean home can boost morale and may even help improve your productivity, too.
  • You have been ignoring cleaning for a long time: If you have been neglecting cleaning for a long time, then it is possible that dirt, dust, stains, mold, grease, grime, oil and all other such villains might have settled deep inside the pores of your tile and grout. To help you tackle such deep-rooted stains, professional cleaners lay the best bet. They are highly skilled in addressing such serious issues. Their experience, patented services, exquisitely designed products and man-power could prove to be a blessing.
  • There is an Upcoming Event: Festivals, celebrations or any other special upcoming event in your house means a lot of guests dropping in. You would definitely want to make a good impression on your guests by showcasing your spic and span house. Getting a professional tile & grout cleaning service will give you plenty of time to concentrate on other important agendas like decor and food.
  • You need Specialized Procedures: Tile and grout maintenance jobs like sealing and polishing tile and grout should be done by experts if you want that mirror finish and sheen on your surfaces. Attempting these chores yourself might lead to half-complete tasks or bad finishing. You might also end up spoiling the floor completely, leading to paying double later to have it corrected. It is best to save yourself time and energy and let your house get a cleaning makeover by experts.

Professional grout sealing services  can prove to be a real savior when you have your hands full with too many other important things in life. With more than 15 years of experience, our professional techniques, patented services and best-quality equipment have rendered thousands of happy and sparkling homes and smiles. At D'Sapone®, we are forever inclined towards delivering happy and healthy homes and offices.


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