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Commercial tile & grout
restoration experts.

D'Sapone® artists are all trained and certified in tile, grout, stone, glass and hard surface restoration. From restoring locker rooms to teaching the gyms staff how to maintain a healthy shower and healthy floor. All backed by a 5 year warranty.

Commercial grout sealer
approved for showers.

With the advent of Caponi® and Sentura, our shower restorations leave your shower caulk-free and all the grout is stain-free. Caponi® is a two part pigmented titanium grout sealer approved for all showers with it’s epoxy/resin solvent based formulation. The grout will be chemical, mold and mildew resistant and very easy to maintain. Sentura is a caulk substitute formulated of a two part solvent based flexible epoxy and resin strands. It’s just another way D'Sapone® Restoration takes care of you.
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Commercial shower and floor restoration.
Customer experience is key to success.

We take the same innovative approach to
maintaining and restoring locker rooms as we do with selecting products to seal and clean them. Our customers deserve the best so we provide the best. D'Sapone® and pFOkUS® will team up with your current staff members creating a healthier gym experience like you never experienced. From education of maintenance to live support via phone or email.
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Inspecting slips and falls.
Take precaution & action.

Slips and falls on wet tile floors are very costly for businesses and a scary topic for customers. Our artists help prevent slip and falls by micro-etching the top of the tile surface. The tile will not change in color or appearance after the slip resistant application has been applied. When the tile surface is wet, all traction will come from the etched surface and the process will not wear over time.

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Get a professional commercial tile and grout restoration estimate today. We are certified artists, who specialize in floors, showers, pools, glass and much more. Not only will your estimator educate you, they will walk you thru every step and explain our processes.
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