Franchise training programs day1 -

Porcelain & Ceramic in the Classroom

CoPone – Day 1 : Stage 1

Introduction of CoPone.

Sometimes to take a major step forward, you have to completely re-think.
* Instructor introduction.
* Your name and position.
* Your expectations from CoPone training.
* D’Sapone and pFOKUS.
* Professionalism and appearance.
* Q&A.
CoPone class introduction>

Ceramic. Porcelain. Quarry.

Understanding tile and then some.
* Characteristics of all three tile types.
* Tile installations and issues.
* pFOkUS® cleaners & features.
* Proper cleaning process methods.
* Efficiency for large & small applications.
* Safety and PPE procedures.
* Q&A.
Hands on day 2>
Hands on day 3>

Non-Sanded. Sanded. Epoxy.

Technical all-in-one grout program that’s as much a work of art as it is state of the art.
* Characteristics of all grouts.
* Grout issues.
* Proper installation methods.
* Repairing grout with Sentura.
* Safety and PPE procedures.
* Q&A.

The problems with caulk.

Acrylic, silicone and latex caulks lead the industry in mold.
* Characteristics of all caulks.
* Caulk issues and proper removal.
* Proper installation methods of Sentura.
* Safety and PPE procedures.
* Q&A.

The efflorescence curse.

Knowledge is power when it comes to the white hard substance, growing on shower floors – efflorescence.
* Characteristics of efflorescence.
* Proper prevention methods.
* Cause, cure and solutions.
* Safety and PPE procedures.
* Q&A.
Hands on day 2>
Hands on day 3>

Arsenal and equipment.

It’s what makes an artist – an artist.
* Reason behind the ‘Vault.’
* Removal tools.
* Cleaning equipment.
* Materials.
* Products.
* Q&A.
pFOkUS® exclusives>

Sales and Server.

Our server application covers much more than the day to day operations.
* Looking up customers.
* Bulk email.
* Estimate Process.
* Work order process.
* Invoice process.
* Changing colors.
* Using notes.
* Organization.


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