Franchise training programs day3 -

Natural Stone, Glass & Cultured Marble

CoPone Day 3 : Stage 2 in classroom
Day 4 : Stage 2 hands-on

Learning about slate stone.

Slate comes in a range of earthtone colors that bring that natural earth look to any room.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning of slate.
* Sealing of slate.
* Color sealing grout between slate tiles.
* Q & As.

The nature of marble stone.

Marble makes a statement in any setting, bringing that high-end elegant appeal to any home or business.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning of marble.
* Polishing and honing of marble.
* Sealing of marble.
* Color sealing grout between marble tiles.
* Q & As.

Travertine stone care and more.

Travertine is one of the most popular stones used in homes and hotels, as its colors match any decor.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning of travertine.
* Polishing and honing of travertine.
* Sealing of travertine.
* Color sealing grout between travertine tiles.
* Q & As.
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Granite stone protection.

Granite is the choice of stone for countertops and its the most durable.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning of granite.
* Sealing of granite.
* Q & As.

Glass clarity restoration.

Glass rails around pools and shower glass are etched with water spots. Until now.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning and polishing glass.
* Sealing glass.
* Q & As.
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Cultured marble.

Restoring cultured marble naturally without the cheap paint applications.
* Features and characteristics.
* Cleaning and polishing.
* Sealing cultured marble.
* Q & As.

Sales and Server.

Our server application covers much more than the day to day operations.
* Processes and features.
* Selling and tips.
* Estimating different sealers.
* Bulk emails related to processes.
* More features and benefits.


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