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Not long ago, failing caulk, cheap water based products and re-calls were literally the restoration industry’s standard. Then, with the aid of innovation and passionate chemists, pFOkUS® pioneered the way creating the unimagined. This kind of conviction and creativity is how pFOkUS® has revolutionized the restoration industry of tile, grout, stone, glass and much more. They dared to test our artists and highest quality restorations with exclusives to their exquisitely designed products. D'Sapone® has wiped clean their competitors in the industry with their restoration artists and the pFOkUS®’ product line. Now after 12 years, D'Sapone® has received multiple awards and 5 star status across numerous outlets. This is the D'Sapone® Way. What products do you use?

Work wonders with pFOkUS®.

Caponi®, Sentura, Benaz, and Valore are just some of the most intuitive, engaging, and powerful products used by D'Sapone®’s franchise businesses. D'Sapone® empowers today’s modern restoration artists to truly restore
everything great while offering a 5 year warranty.
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Exclusives to pFOkUS® products.

pFOkUS® gives D'Sapone® an unprecedented level of security with the most advanced product line of ‘Shower Restoration’. And it all comes in an amazing Vault – a collection of sleek aluminum bottles filled with highly formulated cleaners and sealers – giving your franchise great profit and innovation. Now these chemicals will not work themselves without an artist, the pFOkUS® certified contractor setting the standard. All this makes pFOkUS® and your company work together in amazing ways.
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Meet your new office.
The power of multitasking.

pFOkUS® also provides D'Sapone® with innovative hardware, software, and training that delivers an amazing user experience. Now your artist can refer to specific directions while updating a notes right beside it, or easily create emails without leaving the app. Our goal at D'Sapone® is to take all the extra details out of your day to day operations. Imagine running a company, which sales and growth are your main tasks.
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