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Do Not Disturb.
D’Sapone was here.

We keep a 5 year warranty, so you can keep a 5 star quality rating. Customers never want to be disturb, especially with mold, mildew and stains throughout the grout and caulk in the shower and bath floor.

Know what your
customers see.

Handymen replace the caulk yearly, only when it looks bad. By then, it is already too late. Notice in the image, there is a shower with no caulk – now call us to experience it.  We will keep your showers perfect for 5 years – backed by our warranty.
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Passing grout inspections
becomes second nature.

The perfect grout restoration isn’t always obvious to the eye, but as time passes, all grout restorations fail – until now.  We only use Caponi®, a 2-part titanium pigmented grout sealer. Hotel grout needs to be protected with titanium and our 5 year warranty with the traffic it receives. Schedule a professional estimate today.
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Exterior of hotels
pool, grout & stone restoration.

* Chemical resistant sealers
* Calcium removal off tiles
* Underwater grout repair
* Stainless steel polishing
* Non-Slip applications
* Crack grout repair
* Stone sealing
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Being a Chief Engineer of one of the largest hotels, we had major grout and caulk issues. My job was to find a way to rectify the issue.  We were referred by the inspector to D'Sapone®, Ed was the gentleman who performed the estimate and he was very knowledgeable, while guaranteeing me his process would rectify the issues. We received a 5 year warranty and its been one year now and we have no stains in the grout and the caulk free process is flawless. They have performed the same process on over 20 more of our hotels. Thank you D'Sapone® – it looks amazing!!

Jeffery L.  Manhattan New York

Hotels finally gets some professional

tile, grout, & stone care.

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Get your free estimate today and let one of our artists take care of all your needs.  Certified in hotel grout, tile, stone and caulk restoration, our artist will handle the entire job for you from start to finish.
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