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Not only did we remove the mineral deposits from the pool tile, we brought back the elegant look that once glistened around your pool. Notice in the picture below the two tiles we restored and the shiny blue surface giving the pool the class it deserves.

All the pool tile and grout
restoration you need.

Today this ‘Art’ of repairing cracked pool tile and grout has become second nature to us. Repairing cracked grout lines with grout will only just crack again, because there is movement. We use Sentura a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy that is chemical resistant. If needed, we will restore and seal the surface of the tile.

Repairing waterfall
pool stone.

Chlorine deteriorates travertine stone as water flows over it. The pictures to the left show the before and after, where the water travels over the stone flowing into the pool. We filled the damaged surface in the stone with Sentura – a chemical resistant flexible resin-epoxy that is color matched to the travertine and looks natural.

Testimonials about our restoration artists.

I am the Director of a Home Owner Association and we tried everything to repair the cracking grout issue around the inside of the pool, with no luck. After repairing every year and spending thousands of dollars, we called D'Sapone®. They repaired all the cracked grout over 2.5 years ago and we have not had any issues. We could not be happier with the results! Thank you Alex – it looks amazing!!

Stephine M. Atlanta, Georgia

My wife gives pool lessons in our pool and we had the hardest time removing the white mineral line from the tiles around the top side of the pool. D’Sapone came out in one day and restored the pool tiles to a new appearance. They also polished and sealed our stainless steal pool hand rails. Great job guys!! We highly recommend this company.

Susan K. Alpharetta, Georgia
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