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Shower grout sealing re-envisioned.

2-Part. Solvent. Titanium. Resin.

Shower grout color sealing

Don’t be fooled by contractors.
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Most contractors will tell you not to scrub their sealer, use harsh chemicals or go as far as implementing a maintenance program.  The reason – They are using cheap water-base sealers that are very easy to apply.  In showers their sealer will peel on shower floors and wear off the walls in months.  And Epoxy Grouts – are made of water base chemicals which is why the manufacture only warranties them for a “limited one year.”  If the epoxy grouts were good we would be using them, but perfection flows thru our system.  We only use pFOkUS® products to keep our standards up.   Learn more about Caponi®>

Caponi – Shower Approved Grout Sealer

A restoration designed
for your highest standards.

To create a restoration this huge, no detail was too small. From the way the showers are brought to life to its considerable versatility, we pushed every aspect of what’s possible with Caponi® to new heights. The end result, unmistakable the moment you begin using your shower, it goes beyond a restoration. Unlike anything before it, our artists give you a far larger experience.
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Shower Restoration with Caponi tile, grout, stone professionals D'Sapone

A huge leap of engineering.

No need to re-grout your shower. Re-grouting a shower is placing a temporary band-aid on the situation. Grout is porous and will stain in a short order, once it starts to retain the moisture in the shower. We do not just re-grout, our artists are more passionate then that, and want to achieve a durable masterpiece. Caponi® is engineered to save you money every time you shower – absorbing no moisture with it’s Titanium Coating.
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Restoring Grout without Re-grouting
Eliminating Mold in Showers

The very curse of mold.

Mold and mildew can be controlled by waterproofing the grout and corners with our ‘Healthy Shower’ system. Steam machines only kill mold on the surface. We use chemicals to kill the mold, which penetrates deep into the cracks and corners.
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Questions about grout sealing?
Here are our answers.

What is the difference between re-grouting and D'Sapone®’s process?

We use a 2 part titanium solvent pigmented grout sealer that will not stain,peel, fade or discolor. Re-grouting is adding a porous substance that will stain within a short period of time. Even if we re-grout, we still color seal.

Do all contractors use the same color seal?

No, all contractors use water base sealers because it’s the only sealer on the market. We have exclusives rights to Caponi®, the 2 part solvent titanium sealer.

Does your grout restoration last in showers?

Yes. We offer a 5 year warranty that our grout sealer will not stain, peel or fade.

How long does your grout sealer last on floors?

The manufacture – pFOkUS®, offers a 10 year warranty to us and we offer a 5 year warranty to our customer – products and labor.

How long does the process take?

Most all jobs are completed in one day and you can shower within 48 hours and walk on the floors after 3-4 hours.

Why should we use D'Sapone®?

We have won the ‘Best Flooring Restoration Company” 8 years in a row and now we teach our process all of America to other organizations.


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