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The pool is a place where friends and family can engage around the water. Learn how we can restore your tile, stone, stainless rails and glass to perfection. Our restoration will allow your guest to focus on the entertainment rather than the imperfections.

Pool Restoration

Fully restored.
And then some.

Not only did we remove mineral deposits from the pool tile, we also brought back the elegant look that once glistened around your pool. Notice in the picture below the two tiles we have restored are giving the pool the class it deserves with the shiny blue surface.
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Pool Tile Cleaning
Eliminating Mineral Deposits

All the pool tile and grout
restoration you need.

Today this ‘Art’ of repairing cracked pool tile and grout has become second nature to us. Repairing cracked grout lines with grout will only just crack again, because there is movement. We use Sentura a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy that is chemical resistant. If needed, we will restore and seal the surface of the tile.
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Only two inches tall.

Nothing short of a burden.

Etched Stainless

Etched and corroded stainless draws the eye of your guest as they use the rail to depart the pool. Notice in the picture below, how we polished the end of the stainless bringing the shine back to life. After polishing the stainless, we seal it with a clear solvent topical sealer.
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Polished Stainless

Repairing waterfall
pool stone.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego

Chlorine deteriorates the travertine stone as water flows over it. The pictures to the left show the before and after, where the water travels over the stone flowing into the pool. We filled the damaged surface in the stone with Sentura – a chemical resistant flexible resin-epoxy that is color matched to the travertine and looks natural.
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