Pool Tile Calcium Build-Up | White Caulky Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is a curse to
all tile, grout and stone.

Efflorescence is the white chalky powder that grows on the surface of concrete, tile, grout and natural stone. It can be a cosmetic issue, or it can be an indication of moisture intrusion that could lead to major structural damage with tiles falling off the substrate.

Our efflorescence removal process.

When efflorescence leads to strong osmotic pressures—greater than the strength of the bonding material or adhesive—and the thinset literally breaks apart resulting in loose tile and stone. First, we will remove all the efflorescence off the surface and then deep under the tile edges with Zido. This process will ensure a void between and under the edges so, we can fill the voids with Sentura – a two part waterproof flexible epoxy-resin. Once the Sentura dries, Caponi® a pigmented titanium grout sealer will be applied so the grout is all uniform in color.

After removing the efflorescence.
Sealing counts.

Today this ‘Art’ of preventing a complete take over of efflorescence has become second nature to our artist.
After the removal of the minerals, we will seal the surface with Celine – a penetrating deep solvent based waterproofing sealer. The second coat becomes a topical preventing water transmission.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego-before and after

Efflorescence removal off
stone, tile, brick and more.

We strictly use pFOkUS®’ exquisitely formulated products for all types of surfaces. No matter what the area or surface our artists can treat your surfaces. Marble, travertine and limestone are all acid sensitive stones and efflorescence penetrates deep into the stone. Our patented
processes can even restore these surfaces.


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