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Resurfaced. Recolored.

A travertine restoration experience that draws you in and keeps you there. This is the idea behind today’s stone pigmentation. And now that idea is more colorful than ever. It’s the new travertine and limestone color changing process with all-new sealers, the latest pigmentation technologies and innovation. And it all comes to life with the deepest and most colorful stone you have ever seen. So, you get an even more immersive experience — and a scintillating new way to take it all in.

Color to the core.

The solvent based dyes shine even more vividly after they penetrate deep into the stone. With over 10 colors and a durable UV protected topical coat, the stone veins leap out of the travertine in a whole new way. And the contrast density is so high that you won’t detect a single flaw. The Celine topical is so clear and sharp, your eye will look deeper than ever. It’s simply the best travertine and limestone restoration yet.

Luster than ever.
More colors than ever.

Travertine and limestone are full of spectacular colors, and our lush dyes bring the deeper colors out attracting the sleek look to your eye. With Celine as a topical seal, the stone will be chemical resistant holding up to all pool and cleaning chemicals and it will not yellow with its UV protection. So, all three layers — stone repair, pigmentation, and topical seal— are more equally protected and show off the real-world color with more balance and precision.
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A revolutionary new way
to eliminate dull stone.

Our restorations are engineered to take full advantage of the area and designed to bring it to life. Notice in the image, the amazing collection of colors, contrast and how the stone color compliments the natural setting. Now you can unlock your creative gene.
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Chemicals deteriorate stone.
Repaired to the fullest. And then some.

Chlorine deteriorates flagstone, limestone and travertine stone as water flows over it. Water flows over the stone creating voids and damage, while the chemicals soak deep in the surface destroying its integrity. We filled the damaged surface in the stone with Sentura – a chemical resistant flexible resin-epoxy. We then color match the stone and blend the surface to the area.
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