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What is Saltillo Tile (Mexican tile)?

Saltillo tile flooring is perfect for blending nature and artistry. Whether choosing Saltillo tile for your patio or kitchen floor, pool deck or courtyard, it’s extremely durable surface and easy to maintain when properly sealed. The clay to manufacturer Saltillo tile is dug from the earth in its raw form. In the holes, water is added to keep the clay moist during the curing process. Once

the clay has been cured, it is then shaped by hand into molds. While

drying, an occasional coyote, chicken, or dog may walk over it

leaving their foot prints across the surface. This is a mark

that you are getting authentic tile made outside.

Step 1. Cleaning & prepping Saltillo tile.

Saltillo tile or also know as Mexican tile flooring must be sealed with a topical sealer preserving the tile. The previous coat of sealer should be prepped or stripped to allow the new sealer to adhere to the surface. Give yourself a low maintenance surface with a durable, easy to clean sealed saltillo tile flooring in your home. This page will discuss our cleaning process and cleaning and clear topical sealer process.
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Step 2. Color seal the mortar
with Caponi® color seal.

Not every floor will need to be color sealed with Caponi®. The grout lines that are stained should always be sealed with Caponi® before applying our patented Saltillo Sealer process. We will repair all the cracked grout with Sentura. Caponi® and Sentura are both manufactured by the dominated chemical company pFOkUS®.
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Step 3. Topical sealing process.

D'Sapone®’s cleaning and topical seal process was created strictly for Saltillo tile, to renew that shiny look that once glistened across surface. Our topical sealers come in two finishes – high and low sheen. The grout will not come clean so we highly recommend color sealing the grout before we add the topical sealer.
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Where artist and Saltillo tile
come together.

Saltillo colors brings every space to life.  Each of the Saltillo colors offers endless ways to design any area of your choice. Depending on the finish, the Mexican tile will look unique. Glossy finish adds more light to the room and the matte finish leaves more of a natural look. Below is work from D'Sapone®’s restoration artist of Mexican tile.


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