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The future of sealing
stone showers is here.

Showers are a major part of our maintenance list as homeowners. Showers receive 414 times more water in one year than the roof on your house does. Many of pFOkUS® big innovations and newest formulas have focused on the sealers for showers. Now we have a sealer we can warranty for 3 years in your shower and we mean a True Warranty!

Natural Stone Sealing
Sealing Travertine Showers

Travertine stone shower.
Sealing at the next level.

Stopping the mold growth is very difficult with cleaners and sealers sold by big box stores. Using a high quality sealer – Celine does not only seal, it also waterproofs the travertine & grout with a clear sleek finish. Celine is a solvent based sealer, which soaks deep into the travertine and grout.
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Showers with slate.
More than just sealing.

The idea behind waterproofing rather than just sealing has never wavered: to create the ultimate shower experience. The best appearance, paired with a high performance sealer, Celine – delivers such spectacular quality restoration that everything else around the shower seems to disappear.
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Sealing Slate Showers

There is more to love with marble.

Sealing Marble Showers

More than ever, marble is the stone people love to use in showers. And one of the biggest reasons is their colors and shine. Marble is very porous and absorbs moisture, allowing mold & mildew to grow within the stone. Refining the sealer, improving performance and durability in lots of little ways that make the biggest difference.
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Stone Shower Restoration Estimate

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Stone showers can be more than just a burden. Every estimate is assigned to an artist, who will complete the entire process. Just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest.
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Questions about sealing stone showers?
Here are our answers.

What is your most durable sealer?

The most durable sealer we use is, Celine – a clear solvent sealant formulated with resin. Celine will have a slight sheen to it.

Is there a way to seal my stone without a slight sheen?

Yes. We will use Repela-Bond – a clear solvent natural look sealant.

I have noticed D'Sapone® does not use water based sealers, why?

We proudly offer warranties, while water based sealers will not hold up in the shower environment. No matter what the manufacturer or a contractor may state, these types of sealers will always fail.

Will the stone sealer seal my grout as well?

Of coarse, but we highly suggest sealing the grout with Caponi® – a 2 part solvent titanium resin grout sealer. All the grout lines will be 100% uniform.

Does the sealers D'Sapone® use have an odor?

Yes. The manufacturer fragrances the smell with lavender or cherry.

How long before we can use the shower after the sealant application?

Waiting for a minimal of 24 hours.

Do other contractors use pFOkUS® sealants?

Yes. But we have exclusive rights to the products in the areas we service.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

We offer the best service, technology driven and we are artists with passion, unlike any typical contractors.


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