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Slips and falls on wet tile floors are very costly for businesses and a scary topic for home owners. Our artists help prevent slips and falls by micro-etching tile flooring. The appearance of the tile will not change and when the surface is wet, all the traction will come from the etching.

Areas we apply slip resistant applications.

Imagine a slip resistant application process which doesn’t include coatings or topical sealants that wear overtime. Our process is as much a work of art as it is state of the art – From high-gloss white ceramic tile to the durable porcelain tile – your floor achieve a slip resistant like no other. Shower floors, around pools, steam rooms, all tile floors, front entrances and much more.

A less intense restoration.
With intense results.

Slippone – a fine molecular chemical formulated by pFOkUS®, is applied over the tile flooring etching the surface. By combining new formulations with technologies, we created an unbelievable way to help assist in preventing slips and falls. With a precise remarkably, three-step process of cleaning, applying Slippone and testing the areas, the end result is so pure and uniform, you can’t tell where the etched surface ends and the unsafe floor begins.

Capturing every aspect of safety.
Preventing issues from capturing you.

We at D'Sapone® take our slip resistant restoration to the next level. Once a year we conduct a test to help businesses prevent slips, falls and lawsuits. Our system shows how you took every action necessary to prevent issues with printed specs sheets, that hold up in court.

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