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Social Responsibility.
Creating a culture of inclusion.

It is naturally woven into the way we manage D'Sapone® every day – paying competitive wages to our artists, working consistently with our customers, manufacturers and suppliers, preventing conflicts of interest, ensuring consumer privacy, and maintaining competitive pricing. After talks our suppliers donate a percentage of the money we spend with them to donations. This approach to business is at the heart of all we do at D'Sapone®.

We’re investing in people.
Turning education into opportunity.

A more educated workforce of artists is a more empowered company. We meticulously designed and engineered a training program with pFOkUS® from the inside out. The result is an advanced, technical all-in-one program that not only educates about the products, but also how to complete entire restorations with step-by-step directions and videos. We’re also helping build stronger futures by offering the artist, who work in our supply chain, a wide variety of educational and training programs built from the ground up. And it’s why we invest in education and training to provide opportunities and tools to help our artists today and in the future.
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Protecting the ones who
can’t protect yourself.

The decisions D'Sapone® makes can have a big impact on lives and communities. We have a great responsibility to protect all the rights of all the people in these communities, especially children who need our help. D'Sapone® teamed up with pFOkUS® and every dollar we or our customers spend with pFOkUS®, then 10% of the proceed is donated to Children’s Hospitals. That’s why we obsess over every detail of how we build our relationships.

How we are changing tomorrow.

D'Sapone® has always been different. A different kind of restoration company with a different view of the industry. We rely on our artists’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives to spark innovation. So, we’re restoring at an epic scale, more inclusively, choosing artists, who make diversity a priority, and using products with next generation processes and restorations.
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