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Brick restoration that starts here.
And we finish it there.

No matter the task, D’Sapone’s artists are up to it. We offer far more brick services than just cleaning and sealing.The redesigned Brick Restoration Process turns your brick aged surface into a stunning to look at area. And it all comes together with our solvent base sealers, the world’s most advanced molecular formulated penetrating sealer.
Everything you want modern restorations to be. Now even, better.

The curse of efflorescence.

D’Sapone has always offered the solution to hard to restore surfaces. Efflorescence is the curse for building industry from tile to brick, if not treated the mineral deposits will continue to grow across the surface. Efflorescence needs moisture to grow and cannot be 100% cured, although our process can slow down the growth, some would believe the issue to be rectified. Once its removed, the brick needs to be sealed with a solvent base sealer which penetrates deeply.

Preparation is what counts.
So, we count on preparation.

Our vision has always been to prepare and treat all the mold and mildew in the brick surface and remove all impurities or any sealants. This preparation process is so immersive, our artists clean the brick with an alkalinity and apply H202 to kill the mold, then etch the surface with an acidicto allow proper bonding of our sealants

Brighter than ever. Cleaner than ever.

Doing more than ever is easier than ever using pFOkUS®’ products. Preserving all the landscaping around the area is the key to a successful restoration. With the cracking mortar around the brick, we are able to repair the cracks with Sentura – a two part solvent base flexible epoxy. Once the mortar cracks have been rectified, our artists will try to color match the repairs as close as possible with the original mortar color.

Hydrophobic natural look sealer.

D’Sapone always offers the best brick restoration experience by sealing the brick and mortar with a natural look solvent base sealer – Naturello. D’Sapone redesigned the industry setting a whole new standard. So, whether you’re expecting a cleaning or a repair, everything feels utterly smooth, clean, and sealed.

Super results.
Superior topical clear sealant.

Our clear topical sealant Celine, is optional with any restoration. After sealing
the brick with Celine, it’s not just deeper in color and more reflective, it’s also far
more waterproofed and sealed than our natural look sealer.


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