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Unparalleled bathtub restorations.

D’Sapone delivers rich, enduring, deep gloss finish, solid state titanium coatings in Florida. The final result is so astonishing, you will keep guessing where the seams end and the coating begins. We re-envisioned the tub industry to achieve the high-gloss white porcelain finish with a meticulous three-step process of stripping, cleaning and coating. Below, we have explained in detail…

bath tub coating d'sapone

A stripping process meant for bathtubs

For the first time, tub stripping is achieved with a natural product, delivering twice the removal power of ordinary tub strippers. We take the same creativity to the environment that we do with the products we use to restore bathtubs.

bath tub stripping process d'sapone

A less complex bathtub refinishing in Sarasota,
With elaborative results.

By connecting new technologies and materials, we created an astonishing way to just restore the bottom of your tub without the cost of an entire restoration. A procedure, which involves stripping, etching, taping and coating. And thanks to the titanium, for no peeling, fading nor flaking issues. We ensure that with our high-quality products and patented procedures, your tub coating will last forever. We also make your surface anti-slip. With our services, you will never have to worry about any issues with your bathtubs.

bath tub bottom stripping coating process d'sapone after

Every detail captured with brilliance.

Albeit D’Sapone can deal with a complete restoration of a bathtub. At times our paint-free process is more preferred. Envision no down time, no dust and no chemical smell. We just took tub restoration to the next level in Florida.

paintless bathtub restoration service dsapone

Bathtub refinishing in Sarasota.

Get a professional tub restoration estimate today. We are artists, who specialize in titanium coating sealers while offering premium services.
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