Restoring Shower Tile, Stone and Grout in Tulsa, OK

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D’Sapone brings a tremendous cleanliness to the hotels in Tulsa. It eliminates the bathroom grout and caulk issues permanently with exquisite products.

The re-caulking curse.

Re-caulking is a burden that can never deliver you long-lasting protection. It will make your shower look like the image shown at the top. We are Tulsa experts, applying Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin as a caulk substitute.
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A stain proof shower
with Caponi® sealer.

Imagine your shower without any mold, mildew and stain. Yes, it is possible by our artists, who seal all the grout lines with Caponi® (a 2 part pigmented titanium solvent sealer). It allows us to offer a 5 year labor warranty on grout restorations in hotels. Other companies simply follow the re-grouting process or use water based sealers that don’t work for more than 6 months.
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Pools and surroundings.
Restoration with exquisite products.

* Chemical resistant sealers
* Calcium removal off tiles
* Underwater grout repair
* Stainless steel polishing
* Non-Slip applications
* Cracked grout repair
* Stone sealing
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Grout and caulk issues destroy the entire shower. I am a chief engineer of multiple hotels and I have had this problem in the past. We applied all tactics, re-grouting and re-caulking to keep our shower clean, but we didn’t get success. But, when I got the service from D'Sapone®, I overcame my long time issues. Yes, it’s a truly trustworthy company. They don’t re-caulk, rather they use a caulk substitute, which is durable with a 5 year warranty. Their honesty in work assured us to get in touch with them again for restoring our few more hotels.
Johan B. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa’s hotels finally get some tile, grout, & stone care.

Free Restoration Estimates

Get your free estimate today and let one of our Atlanta artists take care of all your needs.  Your artist will handle the entire job for you from start to finish, restoring your hotel grout to new.
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