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D’Sapone’s Terrazzo Restoration.
The beast behind the beauty.

Every customer loves a Terrazzo shower pan which appears new and sanitized, unlike the picture provided. So we created a Terrazzo restoration process with your customers experience in mind It s packed with the most durable sealer epoxies and resins, along with the most advanced caulk elimination process. All behind a breathtaking color which displays a sleek finish. D’Sapone’s artists are ready to turn your biggest ideas into our greatest work.View the entire process below:

Eliminating caulk is easier than ever.

D’Sapone has always offered the ultimate restoration experience. The redesigning of the industry by eliminating caulk sets a whole new standard. It’s not just mold and mildew free, Sentura – the caulk substitute prevents customer complaints.Imagine never investing in engineers to replace caulk again. With Sentura, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.

Preparation is what counts.
So we count on preparation.

Our vision has always been to prepare the Terrazzo surface with no impurities or sealants. One so immersive our artists strip
the current sealer on the surface, clean the terrazzo with a alkalinity to remove any left over sealer and stripper, than etch the surfaCe to allow proper bonding of our epoxy/resin sealant.

Brighter than over. More colors than ever.

Once the entire Terrazzo surface has been skim coated with Sentura – a two part solvent base epoxy resin to fill all the voids, our artists will apply any color of your choice. Caponi® — a two part solvent titanium epoxy/resin gives you a crisper surfaCe using four times more colors than standard Terrazzo finishes. From either matching the Terrazzo surface to the tile or the surrounding designs, everything is more uniform than ever before.

Cracked Terrazzo rectified.
Experience a crack of a smile.

No more complete dust overs to find exactly what you’re looking for.Just ask D’Sapone to repair and disguise all cracks and chips throughout the Terrazzo surface. Sentura will be fused into the cracks and Caponi® colorant will be used to disguise the crack. Our artists also shine when you’re not sure what you want or if the area can be rectified.

Super results.
Superior artists.

Not to mention sanitized, stain proof, and titanium sealed Terrazzo. Now the surface has a whole new look with no dust or down time.


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