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You strive for that clean and maintenance free tile floor, and our artists achieve this with our patented tile cleaning service in San Diego. The moment they clean your floor, you will know that you have a sanitized surface. Experience a fresh looking tile floor with no stains and easy maintenance.

Tile and grout cleaning.

Notice in the image, the tile and grout are looking very clean and sanitized after they are cleaned by our artists. We treat the surface with Valore assisting with cleaning.
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Travertine tile. Cleaning re-envisioned.

Cleaning travertine tile showers can be a tough job in itself as mold, mildew, soap scum and stains continuously attack the stone in wet settings. Our Imperia cleaner eliminates all the soap scum, H2O2 sanitizes the surface and kills all mold & mildew deep in the travertine. Some grout stains still maybe present in the surface that’s not a major issue since we lock out all the stains permanently with a titanium pigmented sealer. After performing the tile cleaning service in San Diego, we use a clear penetrating sealer or a clear topical sealer to seal the stone.
Travertine tile cleaning>
Travertine tile sealing>

Not just cleaning marble tile.
Keeping its durability.

Marble tile showers, floors and countertops should always be cleaned with quality products, as acidic cleaners etch the stone. We prevent future staining and etching issues with a clear topical solvent based sealer or a clear resin invisible sealer.
Marble tile cleaning>
Marble tile sealing>

Cleaning slate tile at an epic scale.

Removing all the stains, soap scum, mold and mildew from slate tile is an art we came to master. But, the clean slate tile also retains liquids, causing stains to occur, and releases dust, keeping the surface dusty. After performing the tile cleaning service in San Diego, we always seal the stone with a solvent clear sealer, which eliminates the further staining issue while adding a slight sheen to the surface.
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Slate tile sealing >

Tile cleaning service pushed
further with a quality product.

Imperia – one of the most powerful tile and grout cleaners manufactured to effectively and naturally preserve the look of tile. It penetrates deep into ceramic or natural stone tile and grout releasing all the stains without damaging the integrity of the surface, unlike steam machines. Imperia also strips the existing sealers.
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Here is your free estimate for the tile cleaning service in San Diego.

Get your professional grout cleaning free estimate today. Our artists are specialize in tile and grout cleaning and sealing while providing the first class service.
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