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Making your
pool tile stunning.

Most people prefer pool to celebrate their birthdays and to spend some enjoyable moments with families and friends. So, this place should be always clean and fresh to impress the guests at a glance. Our pool tile repair service experts are highly trained and they put their tremendous effort to give life to the tile, grout, and stone. Read on to know more about our grout restoration & pool tile repair service in Sarasota and Tampa…

Pool Restoration

Get rid of
mineral &
calcium issues
for your pool.

We don’t only eliminate the mineral deposits from the pool tile, rather we also give it a new look. Notice the Vibrant colored tile in the image, which is looking dull due to the stains.
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Pool Tile Cleaning
Eliminating Mineral Deposits

Cracked pool tile and
grout are rectified.

Repairing cracked tile and grout is just second nature to us. To perform our pool tile repair service in Sarasota and Tampa, we use Sentura – a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy, resisting chemicals. We match the color of Sentura with the current tile color and then, we fill the cracks with 100% uniformity.
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Repairing Pool Tile and Grout

See a pool that

you have never seen before.

Etched Stainless

Corroded and etched stainless gives a bad impression to the guests, as they use it to depart the pool. Notice the picture given below, how our artist has polished the end of the rail to bring its shine back. After polishing the stainless, we seal it with our clear topical solvent sealer to prevent it from etching again.

Polished Stainless

deteriorated stone.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego

Water comprises of chlorine, which is harmful for travertine pool tile and makes it look like the stone shown above. We use our best quality filler, Sentura – a chemical resistant flexible resin-epoxy. It is available in more than 40 colors, which are undoubtedly enough to suit your needs.
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