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Grout cleanliness re-envisioned.

Sarasota, is your surface etched and stained? We will bring your walls and floors to life with our patented tile and grout cleaning service in Sarasota, removing all the stains. Once we lift all the stains from your surface, you will find unbelievable cleanliness at every level. Taking walls and floors to the next level is just second nature to us.

Grout cleaning. Temporary fix.

Concrete based material, grout combines two sections of tiles by filling gaps between them just like the picture. No matter how clean your grout is, it will be stained within months if not sealed. It is a porous material, retaining moisture that causes mold, mildew and stain to take place. That’s why we always seal grout after cleaning process to lock out all the stains for a lifetime.
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Waterproofing grout with
a titanium sealer.

Grout cleaning process doesn’t stop the occurrence of stains. After we clean grout, we color seal it with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin. It penetrates deep into the surface and waterproofs all grout lines to prevent future staining. Caponi® is available in various colors that are undoubtedly enough to suit your requirements.
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Grout and natural stone cleaning
at a sanitized level.

Our Sarasota artists will clean your grout and natural stone, such as travertine, marble, granite and slate at the same time. They will spray a powerful alkaline on the entire surface lifting all the stains, but even high quality cleaners are not able to deliver stain free grout. We always titanium protect all the grout lines after we clean them. All natural stones are also porous just like grout, that’s why we use natural look sealers protecting the surface, after it is cleaned.
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Grout cleaning service in Sarasota
by D'Sapone® professionals.

We apply Imperia cleaner throughout the entire surface to get rid of mold, mildew, soap scum, etching and stain issue. Unlike steam machines, it doesn’t only eliminate the stains over tile and grout, rather also goes deep to lift them from the root.
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Imagine no more
stained grout.

Get your professional grout cleaning free estimate today. We are artists, who specialize in grout cleaning and sealing while providing first class service.
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