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Clogging the drains. Taking place on the tiles.
Discoloring the grout. Ruining showers.

Efflorescence Elimination

Efflorescence destroys tiled showers.

Removing Efflorescence in Showers

Efflorescence is a curse for all the cement based materials. It occurs due to the migration of soluble salts, which originates from masonry. Efflorescence starts growing over tile and covers the shower drain. Then, it cracks the shower tile and grout.
Repair Cracked Tile>

Shower. No efflorescence.

The first step in our efflorescence removal service in Sarasota, is to unclog the shower drain to clean it. Then, we scrap all the bulk efflorescence to render a decent aspect for tile and grout. We believe in removing all efflorescence from the root.

Cleaning Tile and Grout

Eliminating efflorescence with chemicals.

Chemically eliminating Efflorescence

We eliminate all the efflorescence with our high quality chemical called Zido manufactured from pFOkUS®. When Zido comes in contact with the surface, it reacts strongly. After eliminating efflorescence over the surface, this chemical goes deep into the tile and grout to remove it from the root.
Sealing Grout>

Replacing. Sealing. Protecting.

We apply Sentura to replace the caulk and repair the missing grout lines. After this, we protect the shower grout with a two part solvent titanium pigmented sealer, Caponi®. This is our tactic of offering a ‘Healthy Shower’ for a long time.

Waterproofing the Entire Shower

Efflorescence occurs in showers.

The given image shows why efflorescence develops in your shower. Just see the top of the concrete that needs waterproof membrane, but here it is not available. Apart from this, pre-slope is also not provided underneath the mud bed. Their absence prevents water from draining to the weep holes properly, as well as the mud bed will not dry out. The grout lines and tile crack due to the presence of efflorescence. After repairing the cracked tile, we cover the damaged grout lines with Caponi® and then, apply Sentura in the corners to prevent the effect of water.
Removing Caulk>

Shower Pan Diagram

Efflorescence removal service in Sarasota.
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Removing Caulk>

Shower Restoration Estimate

Questions about efflorescence removal? Here are our answers.

Does efflorescence look like a whitish grout, growing on the surface?

Yes. It is a white substance, taking place in your grout and on top of your tile.

Why do we keep getting efflorescence in our shower?

Tile and grout have not been installed correctly in your shower. That’s what allows water to dwell beneath the tile and feed minerals in the concrete mud bed. The minerals clog the shower drain and then take place on your grout and tile.

Does D'Sapone® remove efflorescence?

Yes. We eliminate all the efflorescence from the root with our high quality cleaners and sealers from pFOkUS®. We fill all the corners with Sentura and seal the grout with Caponi® to create a waterproof shower.

We hired two other contractors, but they were not giving guarantee for their process, why?

We have partnered with pFOkUS®, giving us exclusive rights to use their products to eliminate efflorescence. Every contractor applies cleaners and sealers from big box stores, carrying ordinary and less expensive products. That’s the reason why they don’t guarantee their process.

Why does efflorescence clog my shower drain?

Efflorescence grows via the drain weep holes beneath the tile and clogs your shower drain. We eliminate this issue from the root.

A contractor restored my cultured marble, but it is peeling now, why?

There is not any process to rectify this issue because the entire pan will have to be stripped. You should post reviews to help others. Don’t be fooled by companies delivering this service.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

Only we remove all the efflorescence and warranty that it will never return in your shower.

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