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Stone Restoring in Sarasota.

Natural stone raises the appeal of homes and buildings with its beautiful finishes. Marble, granite, travertine and slate come with glamorous look, which can only be maintained with the correct products. Our stone restoration in Sarasota and Tampa include cleaning, honing, sealing and polishing of natural stone surfaces.

Natural Stone Restoration

Restoring slate stone.

Slate is a natural stone that comes in various colors and looks marvelous. It adds a rustic touch to the interior of your home with a range of earthtone colors. We can raise the beauty of your slate stone by applying our unique cleaning, sealing and polishing tactics.
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Slate Stone Restoration

Restoring marble stone.

Marble stone delivers an elegant appearance to your home, but it also needs to be maintained correctly. We only prefer the sealers from pFOkUS® to render an incredible appeal for this stone. You will be surprised at a glance, when you will see the magnificent look of your marble after we restore it. See below the image of the sealed marble, which will not etch again – Only we have this technology.
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Marble Stone Restoration

Restoring travertine stone.

Travertine is a natural stone, which comes in charming color options. It delivers a natural look to your home. Depending on your needs, we impart a large range of services, such as polishing, honing and sealing, bringing that elegant look.
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Travertine Stone Restoration

Restoring granite stone.

Granite is very famous within homes and buildings, especially for countertops. It is a durable stone, which lasts an eternity and cannot be etched by acids. But, it also needs the same maintenance like marble, slate and travertine. And we only use exquisite products manufactured by pFOkUS® to perform all our stone restoration in Sarasota and Tampa.
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Granite Stone Restoration

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