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Granite cleaning re-imagined.

Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones, rendering an elegant aspect for homes. However, it is porous to some degree and allows stains to take place. Our Sarasota artists will deliver an appealing appearance to your stone with our incredible granite countertop cleaning process in Sarasota.

Cleaning Granite Stone

After cleaning. Granite sealing.

Granite is created by nature that requires the proper care and maintenance to keep its beauty. We clean the stone with a powerful cleaner and then we seal it to prevent stains or any damages from taking place on the surface.

Sealing after cleaning granite countertops.

An exquisitely designed product – Valore has revolutionized the restoration industry with its green molecular based technology. It keeps granite countertops always clean creating a stain resistant surface.
Natural stone sealing>

A Sealed Granite Countertop

Granite cleaning and polishing.

Sarasota, we will polish your granite to bring back the luster that once glistened across your patio. Look at the granite shown in the image, you will notice an incredible sheen that you have never imagined before.Polishing marble countertops>

Restored granite protection
made easy.

Once we restore your stone, it will be safe from daily spills and dirt. But, when general purpose cleaners are applied, such as alkaline solutions, ammonia and bleach, your granite surface will be damaged. A high quality maintenance cleaner and sealer – Valore keeps the durability of Granite for a lifetime with little effort.
Maintaining granite>

A maintenance Product – Valore

Granite countertop cleaning in Sarasota.

Granite cleaning should always be performed by highly trained artists. If you want to keep it new for your lifetime, call D'Sapone® or send pictures via our website to get a free estimate.
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Granite Cleaning Estimate

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