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First travertine polishing step.
Etching the stone.

Our Sarasota artists etch travertine with Zido chemical, removing the stains and sheen to bring your stone to that sanitize look. Zido penetrates deep into the surface and opens the stone pores eliminating all the stains and etching. Read on to know more about our travertine polishing service in Sarasota and Tampa…
Travertine cleaning>


Preventing further etching with
a clear resin.

After we eliminate the etching, we apply a clear resin solvent sealer – Celine to travertine creating a perfect lush protection. Celine seeps deep into the stone to make it hydrophobic and prevent the occurrence of etching caused by acids. Notice in the picture, the top stone treated with Celine is not allowing the liquid to soak in, while the bottom one is retaining acid, etching the stone. Simply polishing travertine with an old tactic is not our style, as this process only brings a sheen to the stone, but it doesn’t stop future etching issue.
Travertine shower sealing>

Once the sealer has dried, we will polish your stone with Celine that changes the appearance of the surface adding a refined elegance. It polishes travertine and the clear resin coating as well. Enjoy the beauty of your stone for a lifetime with no etching and no staining issues.

Travertine floor polishing
with a patented process.

D'Sapone® patented process polishes travertine floors to the fresh level. Travertine is a very sensitive stone, which absorbs acids that etch the surface. That’s the reason why we clean and seal travertine, before we polish it. After our experts perform travertine polishing service in Sarasota and Tampa, you will experience a mirror-like sheen on the surface.
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Valore – maintaining polished


We highly suggest our customers to maintain their polished travertine stone with Valore, which comes in a small aluminium bottle and is easy to use. It is engineered by pFOkUS® that also designs a clear resin sealer, Celine. Valore adds a coat of sealer while sanitizing the stone.
Travertine sealing>

Travertine polishing experts.
Contact us today.

Sarasota and Tampa, we will assign your estimate to one of our stone polishing experts, who will complete the entire process. Just simply fill out our online estimate form and send us the pictures of your damaged areas. And we will take care of your needs.
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Questions about polishing travertine?
Here are our answers.

Does D'Sapone® warranty their work?

We offer a 5 year service warranty on all of our healthy shower and floor systems.

Do your products come with a manufacture warranty?

Yes, pFOkUS® offers a 10 year warranty on all of their products with the “Healthy Care Kit” protection.” This kit includes the maintenance cleaner and sealer – Valore to protect your surface.

Will Celine make my floor slippery?

Once we polish travertine stone, the surface will become slippery with water on the floor.

Will Celine change the look of my stone?

It will enhance darker stones and will not change the look on lighter stones.

How long will it take for the stone to dry?

Walk on the floor within 4 hours and use counter-tops in 6 hours. The sealer itself will dry in 30 minutes, but there is a cure time.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

D'Sapone®’s patented travertine polishing process is state of the art.

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