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Incompetent caulk in showers.

Silicone, Acrylic and all the most recent caulks are extremely well known since they are cheap and simple to work with. Yet, caulk will mollify, peel and wash out of the joints, when presented to continuous dampness. That is the thing that causes stains, mold and mildew to happen in showers. Caulk loses its bond when it interacts with specific cleaners. This enables dampness and fluids to seep into the corners, bringing forth mold! This is the reason why we refrain from delivering a shower recaulking service in Alpharetta.

Substituting caulk
with Sentura.

Regardless of how small the assignment is, our Alpharetta artists never apply caulk, causing mold and stains. Re-caulking is a revile for the whole shower. They seal every corner with Sentura – a two part pigmented solvent epoxy/resin. It protects showers with its thin and durable lines.
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Sentura- an ordeal,
you never experienced.

Sealing the shower corners with slender Sentura lines, enhances the beauty of the surface, additionally averting mold and stains. Sentura is a caulk substitute that will never mellow, peel off or stain.
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Knocking out
the caulking menace.

When we utilize Sentura in your shower, you will be awestruck by its thin and tough lines. Sentura is a two part flexible solvent resin, which resembles grout and our Alpharetta artists can likewise soften it, to resemble caulk. They can even shading match the product with your tile and grout for a uniform look. Appreciate a new looking shower with no peeling and no mold issues.

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Mold in shower caulk.

Caulking showers peels off the surface within months. This enables mold to prowl in the corners and develop all through the surface. Mold damages the look of the shower and furthermore causes medical problems. Applying Sentura in every corner and sealing the grout with Caponi®, removes peeling and mold issues forever. Sentura waterproofs the surface, while Caponi® seeps into the grout, preventing the birth of mold.

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We can color match Sentura
with the stone surface.

Once we apply Sentura, you will appreciate the excellence of your shower. We will shade the Sentura as indicated by your tile or grout shading.
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Sentura Replaces Caulk

Shower recaulking service in Alpharetta. A temporary fix.

We replace caulking with Sentura, which will never peel or wear off the floor. Simply send us the photos of your shower corners and we will ascertain the rest. What are you sitting tight for? Get your free estimate today.
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Questions about caulking?
Here are our answers.

How does Sentura differ from caulk?

Sentura will never peel and is chemical resistant.

D'Sapone® never re-caulks, why?

Over 12 years ago, we applied acrylic caulk, urethane caulk and silicone caulk. In result, we got call backs in only 6 months. Therefore, we never perform a shower recaulking service in Alpharetta and Johns Creek.

Why does the shower caulk mold so fast?

Showers are the most sensitive environment in a home with all the moisture. The products based on caulk are not designed for that environment. Sentura is specially formulated for these harsh atmospheres.

What does Sentura look like?

Sentura looks like grout.

A contractor said, “he is applying silicone, not caulk”, is it true?

Silicone is also a shower caulk and mold will take place on it in a shower. Silicone will peel, when you will scrub it. Therefore, we never deliver a shower recaulking service in Alpharetta or any other parts of Georgia.

Can we scrub Sentura after it is dried?

Yes. Unlike caulk, Sentura will not peel when you will scrub.

Do you offer a warranty on your shower caulk substitute?

Yes, we proudly offer a warranty for 5 years.


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