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Swim your heart out
in the pool.

Pool is the perfect relaxation zone for the weekends. Learn how we can restore your tile, stone, stainless rails and glass to perfection in Honolulu. We will make pool more enjoyable and clean for you.

Pool Restoration

Beautiful pool

D'Sapone® knocks out the mineral deposits from the pool tile, bringing back the elegance that once dazzled your pool. Notice in the picture below the two tiles we restored that are making the pool more classy and shiny blue. Grout Sealing>

Pool Tile Cleaning
Eliminating Mineral Deposits

All the pool tile and grout
restoration you need.

We specialize in repairing cracked pool tile and grout in Honolulu. D'Sapone® understands that fixing cracked grout lines with grout will only just crack again, because of movement. Therefore, we use Sentura a flexible 2-part solvent resin/epoxy that is chemical resistant and durable. Repair Cracked Tile>

Repairing Pool Tile and Grout

Only two inches tall.

And nothing short of perfection.

Etched Stainless

As the guests depart the pool, holding on to the rail, they will notice the etched and corroded stainless. Notice in the picture below, how we polished the end of the stainless bringing it back to life. We polish and seal the stainless for an elegant touch.

Polished Stainless

Repairing waterfall
pool stone.

Pool Tile Restoration San Diego

Chlorine damages the travertine stone as water flows over it. The pictures to the left show the before and after, where the water splashes over the stone & flows into the pool. We fixed the damaged surface in the stone with Sentura – a chemical resistant flexible resin. Get an estimate today>
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