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Grout cleaning and sterilization.

Our artists in Honolulu thrive to eliminate the most stubborn stains with utmost brilliance. As we spray the tile and grout surface with our patented deep cleaner, you will notice the deepest stains disappear effortlessly. You will be astonished to experience extreme cleanliness and sanitization on every level.

Grout cleaning is a short-term fix.

Notice in the picture, the grout lines are filled with a concrete substance. Forms of concrete like sand and non-sanded grout are preferred as fillers to pack tile voids. Liquids like oil, wine or dirty mop water sponge up in these sanded grout lines leading to stains. You must seal grout to avoid this menace.
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Grout cleaning,
followed by grout protection.

Grout cleaning is not the last step of restoration. It is important to seal grout to protect it from future stains. D'Sapone® artists seal grout with a titanium grout color sealer- Caponi®. It makes grout look fresh, new and 100% uniform in color.
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Cleansing grout and natural stone.
Travertine, marble and slate.

Our artists use high grade alkaline to clean stone and grout at the same time. But this may not eradicate all the stains from grout, therefore we seal it with a pigmented solvent sealer. Nevertheless, removing all the stains from stone is crucial before we seal it with a penetrating sealer or a clear topical sealer.
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Professional grout cleaning service
with Imperia Deep Clean.

Unlike most steam machines which damage the grout while removing stains, Imperia- a robust alkaline cleaner soaks deep into the grout to kill grease, mold, mildew and stains. It gently strips pre-existing sealers and prep grout lines to be sealed with Caponi® color seal.
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Say goodbye to stained grout.
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Get your professional grout cleaning free estimate today. We are artists, who specialize in grout cleaning and sealing while providing first class service.
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