Marble Floor & Countertop Cleaning Services in Honolulu, HI

Cleaning marble safely.

Our patented marble cleaning process delivers that sanitized marble floor with little maintenance. We can bring a fresh new look to your marble by removing stubborn stains. Our artists can eliminate the etching issue permanently. Marble polishing>
Marble countertops>

Marble shower cleaning.

Observe, how the marble shower tile and grout are clean and sleek looking. Once cleaned, we proceed to treating the surface. D’Sapone carries 5 year warranties on its ‘Healthy Shower’ services. Marble shower resurfacing>

Sealing marble stone after cleaning.

If the marble tile shower is not sealed properly, maintaining it can be a task. We use pFOkUS® high quality sealers to seal marble countertops, showers and floors. Preventing the stone from etching, staining and absorbing moisture has become second nature to us. Marble sealing process>

After cleaning marble,
the grout still may have stains.

Almost all marble tile showers and floors have grout. Simply cleaning marble doesn’t remove all the grout stains. We use Caponi® – a titanium epoxy/resin solvent color sealer to seal the grout with 100% uniformity. Marble Restoration Services>

Maintaining your marble
with care.


Unsealed marble is prone to staining. Once we restore your marble stone, maintenance is a breeze with pFOkUS® products. Keeping it stain free. We offer 5 year warranties with the proper maintenance and after care. Maintaining marble>

Call your D’Sapone artist.
Marble cleaning estimate.

Marble cleaning is an art. If you desire that new look in Honolulu, call your D’Sapone artist or send pictures via our website and schedule a free estimate. Marble cleaning estimate>
Call (808) 518-4545>

Granite Cleaning Estimate


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