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The deeper you look, the more
healthy it becomes.

Sure, our ‘Healthy Shower’ is astonishigly mold and stain free. But, we also designed it to be low maintenance, caulk free, durable, and fun to use. That’s how we, professional passionate artists, differ from the status quo contractors.
All of our slate shower restoration preocesses are listed below……

Services below are included.

Slate shower cleaning.

We clean, prep and sanitize the slate while lifting all stains or sealers from the stone. Eliminating all the stains and mold from slate showers is second nature to us. Slate shower cleaning>

Enjoy a caulk free
slate shower.

Caulk in showers, peels within months and invites mold, mildew and stains. D’Sapone eliminates this caulking process with Sentura – a 2 part pigmented flexible resin that prevents the occurrence of mold and stains. Slate Restoration Services>

Sealing grout with
pigmented titanium.

Think of grout with no mold and no stains. We can turn your imagination into reality using Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium grout sealer. It penetrates into the surface protecting it from mold, mildew and stains with a 5 year labor warranty. Caponi® color seal>

Slate sealing. Preventing mold
and stains.

Slate cleaning kills mold and stains, but it doesn’t prevent the stone from soaking moisture and releasing dust. Our ‘Healthy Slate Shower’ service in Honolulu includes a sealing process with Repela-Bond. It brings a natural look to the stone. Slate shower sealing>

Services below are optional.

Making the slate
surface waterproof.

Slate absorbs moisture, inviting mold and mildew. Mold lurks in the corners and grows throughout the entire surface. Our strongest stone sealer is Celine – a natural looking oil based sealant, it penetrates deep into the surface to knock out mold and mildew. Slate restoration>

Efflorescence ruins
slate showers.

Efflorescence is a white substance, which covers the shower drain and grows over the slate tile and grout. It clogs the drain and leads to cracking issue. We defeat the efflorescence issue & deliver a new look. We seal the stone and grout with using Celine, preventing the growth of efflorescence. Efflorescence removal>

Repairing the cracked grout between
slate tiles.

We fix the grout cracking issue with Sentura, which is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion. We can pigment Sentura in more than 40 colors to suit your needs and make the surface look natural. Slate restoration estimate>

Slate maintenance.
Maintained with Valore.


Once we restore your slate shower, you can maintain it with Valore – a maintenance cleaner, with little effort. Valore protects the surface making it enduring and incredible forever, with a 5 year labor warranty. Maintaining slate>

Enjoy a ‘Healthy Slate Shower’.
Call us now.

D'Sapone® will restore your slate shower and remove mold and stains. Send us the images of your damaged stone or call us now to get a free estimate. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and experience a ‘Healthy Slate Shower’ everyday. Slate shower estimate>
Call (808) 518-4545>


Does D'Sapone® warranty the ‘Healthy Slate Shower’ process?

We offer a 5 year labor warranty on all of our healthy shower and healthy floor systems.

Do pFOkUS® products come with a manufacture warranty?

Yes, pFOkUS® offers a 10 year warranty on all of their products with the “Healthy Care Kit” protection. This kit includes Valore to clean & protect your surface.

Will Valore make my shower floor slippery?

No. Valore will soak deep into the travertine stone pores.

Will you repair my cracked grout?

Yes. Our goal is to create an immaculate travertine shower.

Will Repela-Bond change the look of my slate stone?

No. Repela-Bond is an invisible sealer, leaving slate with a natural look.

What is the most durable slate sealer D'Sapone® uses?

Celine is our most durable sealer for slate stone.

How long will it take for the stone to dry, so we can shower again?

Wait at least 24 hours before showering.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®’s artist instead of regular contractors?

The question speaks for itself. We are passionate artists.


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