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Cleaning slate. Releasing stains.

Eliminating the stains and dirt from slate stone is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. We take it as a challenge and remove all damages from the root with our powerful cleaner, which is specially designed for slate. We deliver the best slate cleaning service in Brooklyn and provide a glamorous look to your stone that you have never imagined before in your life.

Shower slate cleaning.

Our patented slate cleaning process will sanitize your shower. Mold, mildew and soap scum ruin shower slate tiles and grout. We eliminate all these issues with our high quality cleaner designed from pFOkUS®. Slate shower resurfacing>

Slate sealing. After cleaning.

Slate is more of a darker stone that constantly releases dust from the surface and absorbs moisture in wet settings. Once it is sealed with Celine – a clear resin topical sealer, all the dust will dissipate and the stone itself will be almost maintenance free with a hydrophobic surface. Our goal is not to simply provide a slate cleaning service in Brooklyn, but also to lock out all the stains.
Slate sealing process>

Grout sealing. Mold free. Stain free.

A cement based material, grout connects slate tiles. Grout is very porous and even if it is cleaned, there is no guarantee that it doesn’t have stains. We lock out all the stains and prevent it from staining again with our Caponi® sealer – a two part pigmented titanium resin.
Slate grout color sealing>

Maintain the sealed slate tile
with little effort.


Maintaining sealed slate tile was a job in itself, but now we have made it easy. Just spray Valore once a week on your surface after it is sealed. Valore is a maintenance cleaner, adding a coating protection to slate tile.
Maintaining Slate tile>

Slate cleaning service in Brooklyn.

Our slate cleaning process is the first step to restoring your stone. Send pictures to your D'Sapone® artists or call us today to obtain a free professional estimate.
Cleaning Slate estimate>
Call (718)412-1018>

Our Brooklyn locations?

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