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Cleaning slate to perfection.

Slate can be somewhat difficult to keep clean with all the crevices. We use a cleaner specifically formulated for slate that penetrates deep and releases all the stains and dirt. Our patented slate cleaning process is guaranteed to make your slate look new again.

Slate cleaning and sanitizing.

Our artist will sanitize your stone shower with our slate cleaning process. Soap scum, Mold and mildew all attack slate tiles and grout in wet areas. D'Sapone® offers a 5 year labor warranty with its ‘Healthy Shower’ slate service.
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After cleaning. Sealing.

Dust continuously comes out from the unsealed slate and keeps the surface dusty in dry settings. However, it retains moisture in wet settings and causes mold to grow. Once we seal it with Celine – a clear resin topical solvent sealant, your stone will never release dust nor absorb moisture and will become almost maintenance free. We are perfectionists and that’s why we don’t only clean slate, but also lock out all the stains and dust.
Slate sealing process>

Grout sealing maybe needed
after our slate cleaning service.

Grout is a concrete based material, filling gaps between the pieces of slate. Only slate cleaning process is not enough to eliminate all stains from the grout as it is porous and continually retains moisture. We color seal all the grout lines with Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin, with 100% uniformity.
Slate grout color sealing>

Cleaning slate at an epic scale.
Cleanliness maintained.


Maintaining sealed slate tile has never been so easy. Simply clean your stone with Valore after we seal it. Valore will add a coating protection while sanitizing the surface. Environmental clean and green are the key to our maintenance plan as we care for yours and the environment’s health.
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Slate cleaning with
D'Sapone®’s artists.

Cleaning slate tile is the first step to restoring your stone. Obtain a free professional estimate by sending pictures via our website or calling us today.
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