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Travertine restoration pushed even further.

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by hot springs. It comes in multiple color options and even rusty varieties, delivering an elegant appearance to your homes. Travertine is very popular within bathrooms and throughout the kitchens. See below to learn more about our travertine restoration services in Brooklyn …

Cleaning travertine. Eliminating

Cleaning travertine. Eliminating stains.

Bring that sanitized healthy look to your stone, which once glistened across the room. D'Sapone® is here to make your travertine look new again with its patented cleaning process. We only apply high quality cleaners from pFOkUS®.
Travertine cleaning>


Grout. Titanium sealed.

Grout. Titanium sealed.

Enhance the beauty of your surface by choosing the correct grout color from above 40 colors of Caponi® – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin. It not only makes the grout look new, but also lock out all the stains with a 5 year labor warranty.
Travertine grout sealer>

A travertine tile
with no holes.

A travertine tile with no holes.

Experience the smooth travertine surface with no holes and no pits. We color match stone to our filler, which comes in more than 40 colors. Then, we fill the holes and blend them into travertine.

Repairing cracked travertine.

Travertine cracks are a burden and if not repaired, they will get worse. Our Brooklyn artists pigment Sentura filler, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, in more than 40 colors to suit your needs. Experience a new looking surface without replacing travertine tile.
Repairing cracks in travertine>

A clear resin.
Preventing stains with no sheen.

Once your travertine has been cleaned, we will apply Repela-Bond – a clear invisible sealer, to the stone. It penetrates deep into the surface creating a perfect lush protection without adding a sheen. Repela-Bond doesn’t allow travertine to retain moisture.
Travertine sealing>

A clear topical sealer.
Protection with a sheen.

We prevent future staining issue and add a refined beauty with Celine – a clear resin topical sealant. It is the most powerful stone sealer available on the market that keeps the surface always clean with its mold inhibiting technology. Notice the difference in the picture, here the top stone is sealed with Celine and the bottom is untreated.
Sealing travertine>

Travertine polishing

Most travertine polishing processes cause etching, but D'Sapone® has overcome this issue with its exquisitely designed product from pFOkUS®. We polish the stone with Celine, which doesn’t etch travertine and makes it look shiny for a long time.
Travertine stone polishing>

The future of travertine
shower restoration is here.

The future of travertine shower restoration is here.

Even you don’t need to mention to our artists what services should be performed for your shower, they will do and we will put together our “Healthy Travertine Shower” processes for you. Not only do we restore the shower, we also warranty that it will not stain for 5 years.
Travertine shower restoration>

Travertine restoration services in Brooklyn.

Our artists provide the best travertine restoration services in Brooklyn. Just simply fill out our online estimate form and send us the pictures of your damaged areas. We will take care of your needs.
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