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Performing cracked tile repair in Nassau, which lasts for a lifetime.

Sentura Repairs Cracked Tile

No need of an extra tile.

We will repair the cracks.

Repairing Cracked Tile

The cracking curse.

Replacing the cracked tile with the new tile is nothing short of a burden as this process will make the entire surface look worse. If you already have an extra tile, we will replace it, else we will repair the cracks using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, which is more powerful than any other adhesion in the world.
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Crack on tile

Enjoy a crack free shower.

We will not just rectify the cracking issue. We can pigment the Sentura in over 40 colors to suit your project’s needs.

A Shower with No Cracks

Restoring dynamic cracks.

Repairing the natural stone cracks has become second nature to our Nassau artists. Once they fill the cracks with Sentura, the surface will look natural and will not crack.
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Dynamic Crack Restoration

How does efflorescence grow in showers?

Shower Pan Diagram

This diagram, displays how your shower is constructed when you have efflorescence issues or in some cases mold problems. The top of the mud bed (concrete) is not protected with a waterproofing membrane. Underneath the mud bed, there is no pre-slope. Without either of these steps, water will not drain to the weep holes and the mud bed will not dry out. Efflorescence can crack the grout lines and tiles. Once we repair the crack, it’s highly recommended to seal the grout with Caponi® and all the corners with Sentura – which would waterproof the shower.
Removing Efflorescence>

Shower Pan Diagram

Get your free estimate for cracked tile repair in Nassau.

Cracked tiles are nothing short of a burden in showers. Send us images of the cracked areas and get your free estimate for cracked tile repair in Nassau today. One of our artists will make your shower look new for a lifetime.
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