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Shower grout sealing.

Caponi®. 2 part pigmented. Titanium. Sealer.

Shower grout color sealing

No water based sealers.
No peeling. No stains.

Sealing the grout using water based sealers or regular products from big box stores peels and wears off the surface within months. These products are cheap that cause stains, mold and mildew, ruining the entire tile and grout. Our artists performing grout sealing service in Nassau only use Caponi® – an exclusive two part pigmented titanium resin sealer from pFOkUS®, to perform grout sealing. It will waterproof the grout to protect it for a lifetime.  Learn more about Caponi®>

Caponi – Shower Approved Grout Sealer

Protecting grout.
And then some.

Imagine, your shower will never stain, and will look new for a lifetime. Our grout sealing service in Nassau will turn your imagination into reality with Caponi®, taking the grout to a fresh level. D'Sapone® has revolutionized the restoration industry with Caponi®, which will not just seal the grout, it will make everything better.
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Shower Restoration with Caponi tile, grout, stone professionals D'Sapone

A new way to restore grout.

We don’t perform re-grouting, which will fail in a short order. Grout is porous and will easily allow stains to take place on it, if not protected with a shower approved sealer. We achieve a durable masterpiece using Caponi®, retaining no moisture with its titanium coating.
Grout Restoration>

Restoring Grout without Re-grouting

The mold curse.

Grout absorbs moisture, causing mold and mildew that will grow throughout the entire tile and grout. They will make your shower look worse and will also cause health issues. Unlike steam machines, our cleaners remove all the deep mold and mildew. However, Caponi® prevents their growth with its titanium coating, waterproofing the surface.
Cleaning Mold in Shower>

Eliminating Mold in Showers

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No matter how damaged your shower grout is, we will make it look new for a lifetime. Just simply send us the images of your stained grout and get your free estimate. Our grout sealing service in Nassau will take your shower to the next level.
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Questions about color sealing?
Here are our answers.

A contractor sealed my floor, but now it is peeling, why?

Most contractors apply water based sealers that are cheap and easy to use. These types of sealers don’t last more than 6 months. We only use Caponi®, a 2 part pigmented titanium grout sealer, which will never peel and cannot be damaged by harsh chemicals.

Why does D'Sapone® not seal the ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile should not be sealed because the seal will peel within months.

How does travertine differ from Ceramic tile?

Ceramic tile is not a natural product. It is inexpensive and can be produced easily. However, travertine is a natural product and is costly than ceramic tile.

Does D'Sapone® use Caponi® for ceramic tile?

No. Caponi® is specially designed for grout sealing.

What is the difference between Caponi® and water based sealers?

Caponi® penetrates deep into the grout lines to prevent them from staining, while water based sealers will peel within months.

What product does D'Sapone® apply to clean the grout?

We apply Imperia from pFOkUS®. It soaks deep into the surface to remove all the stains from the root.

Why D'Sapone®?

Only we use Caponi® grout sealer with a 5 year warranty.


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