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Enjoy a healthy travertine shower.

Travertine needs to be protected with high quality products, especially in showers, else it will look bad with all the stains and mold. Our travertine shower restoration in Nassau will ensure that you enjoy a healthy shower every day with our services that are described below…

Services below are included.

Cleaning travertine.

Cleaning, prepping and sanitizing the travertine at a fresh level has become second nature to our Nassau artists. We have a deep penetrating cleaner, releasing all the stains, mold, mildew and existing sealers without causing damage.
Travertine shower cleaning>

Creating a caulk less
travertine shower.

Caulking or re-caulking doesn’t fix the issue permanently. It peels and wears of the floor or walls within months. We eliminate the caulk and fuse Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin.
Caulk free travertine shower>

Coating grout using pigmented titanium.

Grout is a porous material that fills voids between the travertine surface. No matter how clean it is, it will stain in a short order if not treated with powerful products. We coat the grout using Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer that protects the surface for a lifetime.
Caponi® color seal>

Travertine tile sealing.
An invisible clear resin sealer.

Travertine stone must be sealed as it has pores that are easily accessible to mold, mildew and stains. While performing travertine shower restoration in Nassau and other cities, we always seal the travertine after we seal the grout. We coat the surface using Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, making the shower waterproof to prevent the passage of moisture that causes the growth of mold.
Travertine shower sealing>

Travertine shower optional services.

Sealing travertine using Celine.

Meet the world’s most powerful natural stone sealer – Celine. It is a clear topical solvent based resin sealer that creates a perfect lush protection while soaking deep into the travertine. Celine leaves the travertine with an incredible sheen and makes it stain free for years.
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Get rid of efflorescence

Efflorescence is a white hard substance, ruining the entire shower. Not only do we remove it, we also prevent its occurrence with our patented cleaner and sealer from pFOkUS®. We clean the tile and grout using Zido, removing the efflorescence while soaking into the surface. Then, we coat the stone with Celine to prevent it from taking place.
Efflorescence removal>

Filling the travertine holes.

Repairing the stone pores with regular products will just pop out again and will make it look unpleasant. We fill the holes with Sentura that will protect the surface for a lifetime with its lush natural look.

Maintaining travertine showers.
And then some.


After our experts complete travertine shower restoration in Nassau, it can easily be maintained using Valore, which is not just a maintenance cleaner, it is better in every way. It cleans and sanitizes the travertine tile and grout while adding a coat of sealer. We carry a 5 year labor warranty on our “healthy Shower’ service, if maintained with Valore.
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Travertine Shower restoration in Nassau.

Travertine shower restoration in Nassau is an art our artists came to master. They can make your travertine stay and look new for a lifetime. Call us or send pictures and receive your free estimate today.
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Does D'Sapone® warranty the Healthy Travertine Shower process?

We offer a 5 year labor warranty on all of our healthy shower and healthy floor systems.

Do pFOkUS® products come with a manufacture warranty?

Yes, pFOkUS® offers a 10 year warranty on all of their products with the “Healthy Care Kit” protection. This kit includes Valore to clean & protect your surface.

Will Valore make my shower floor slippery?

No. Valore will soak deep into the travertine stone pores.

Will you repair my cracked grout?

Yes. Our goal is to create an immaculate travertine shower.

Will Repela-Bond change the look of my travertine stone?

No. Repela-Bond is an invisible sealer, leaving travertine with a natural look.

What is the most durable travertine sealer D'Sapone® uses?

Celine is our most durable sealer for Travertine stone.

How long will it take for the stone to dry, so we can shower again?

Wait at least 24 hours before showering.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®’s artist instead of regular contractors?

The question speaks for itself. We are passionate artists.


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