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Re-grouting is a curse. Caponi® is a cure.

Re-grouting causes the same burden again and you mean within months. It is a process where a contractor replaces the old grout with new grout. Instead of performing a tile regrouting in NYC, we seal all the grout lines using Caponi® – a two part pigmented solvent titanium epoxy/resin sealer.
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Shower Re-grouting D'Sapone

Sealing grout instead of re-grouting.

Caponi® – a patented sealer developed by our experts in the lab, color seals all the grout lines with its titanium coating, waterproofing the surface to prevent stains. Re-grouting – peeling and wears off the grout, causes stains within months. We always seal the grout with Caponi®, offering a permanent solution.
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Sealing Grout Instead of Re-grouting | D'Sapone

A new approach to
grout restoration.

Most contractors perform a tile regrouting in NYC not knowing about the latest advancements in the restoration industry. But we have a better technique which will prevent the occurrence of stains and mold. Once we repair your grout with Sentura and seal the grout with Caponi®, you will be free for years. Both of these products work with each other and protect the grout from stains with a 5 year labor warranty.
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Shower Grout Restoration | Dsapone

Mold ruins showers.

Re-grouting peels in a short order and gives birth to mold, growing over the entire surface. It makes the shower look worse and also causes health issues. This is the reason why we don’t perform a tile regrouting in NYC. If there’s mold in the shower grout, we remove it with Imperia, which soaks deep into the grout to eliminate all the mold at the bottom. Then, we prevent its occurrence with Sentura and Caponi®, waterproofing the shower.
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Mold Ruins the Shower | D'Sapone

The future of restoration
is here with no re-grouting.

We have a complete new way to restore your shower. We never re-grout as it is just a temporary fix. We always protect the grout with Caponi®.
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Tile regrouting in NYC.
Now, with a better alternative.

No matter how damaged your shower grout is, we will make it look new for a lifetime. Just simply send us the images of your stained grout and get your free estimate. One of our grout restoration experts will be assigned to take your shower to the next level.
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Questions about shower re-grouting?
Here are our answers.

Does D'Sapone® replace grout?

Yes. Only when all the grout lines are low due to cleaning chemicals. Even in this case also, we seal the grout with Caponi®.

My shower is looking dirty, would you re-grout?

No. We would use Caponi® to seal your grout with a 5 year warranty. Re-grouting only protects the grout for a short period of time and within six months, you will get the same issue.

Our grout cracks, what is the reason?

There are many reasons behind this problem. A few common reasons are given below:
a. Your grout is old that has been started to harden with chunks.
b. A large quantity of water was used to mix the grout.
c. There are loose tiles.

Would D'Sapone® re-grout, if my shower grout is low?

No. We avoid performing a shower tile regrouting in NYC, as its a temporary fix. Instead, we would use Sentura to repair the bad areas. Sentura looks like grout and protects the area for a long time. It is stronger than grout.

We have multiple restaurants with grout issues in our kitchens. What is the solution?

We mix Caponi® colorant and Sentura to use the same for the area. We don’t re-grout in restaurants as it will fail within six months. Sentura resists chemicals and saves the tile from coming loose.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

We have more than 7 years of experience in this business and we only use the products manufactured from pFOkUS® to deliver incredible cleanliness.

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