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Cleaning granite. Eliminating stains.

Granite is not acid sensitive, but it is porous to some degree. The stone absorbs liquids that cause bacteria growth. Our astonishing granite cleaning process eliminates any debris and brings the surface to that sanitized level.

Cleaning Granite Stone

After granite cleaning, sealing.

When we install natural stone within our homes, we actually acquire one the art from nature that takes very long years to create. There are three keys to low maintenance – cleaning, sealing and preserving.

Granite countertops. Sealing after cleaning.

Granite is the most popular stone for granite, which demands ultimate protection. After we clean the countertop, we seal it with Valore – a product that sanitizes the surface while adding a coat of sealer.
Natural stone sealing>

A Sealed Granite Countertop

Polishing granite, after
it is cleaned.

Our Tulsa artists are trained enough to polish your granite at the next level. They will bring an astonishing sheen to the stone, which is far beyond your imagination. Just look at the polished granite picture shown in the left, it renders an aspect like the heart of a volcano.
Polishing marble countertops>

Maintain your granite easily
after we leave.

The cleaned, sealed and polished granite also needs the correct care. Regular cleaners, such as abrasives, ammonia and bleach degrade the sealers and damage the stone. Valore is a high quality cleaner and sealer, keeping granite clean for a lifetime with little effort.
Maintaining granite>

A maintenance Product – Valore

Receive your free
granite cleaning estimate.

Granite cleaning should always be performed by highly trained artists. If you want to keep it new for your lifetime, call D'Sapone® or send pictures via our website to get a free estimate.
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Granite Cleaning Estimate

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