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Natural stone.

Natural stone, such as slate, marble, travertine and granite makes your home or buildings look elegant. But, it needs maintenance keeping its look and durability. Cleaning, honing, sealing and polishing are the processes our Tulsa artists came to master. More details about your natural stone are listed below…

Natural Stone Restoration

The beginning of slate stone.

Slate pulls out all the earth-tone colors throughout the room. Slate brings a high-end feel to any area and it’s a non-acid sensitive natural stone that will not etch. Sealing, cleaning, and restoring this beautiful stone is what we do everyday.
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Slate Stone Restoration

The facts about marble stone restoration.

We see marble mostly in hotels, foyers and showers. The polished stone should be polished monthly in casinos and hotels to keep the sheen, because marble scratches easily and etches. Until now, we apply a crystal clear solvent based coating to deliver a natural sheen for the sealed surface.
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Marble Stone Restoration

Travertine stone, shall we say more?

Travertine is a natural stone with many earth-tone color variations. Travertine is taken into use everywhere as the colors compliment any room. You may see a honed or a polished finish across a travertine floor. However, you like it – We can restore it tailored to your preference. Call your Tulsa travertine artists now and schedule an appointment today.
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Travertine Stone Restoration

Granite stone restoration.

Granite is especially famous for countertops, as it is a very durable stone. Just opposite to other natural stone, granite is not acid sensitive, but still it needs the same maintenance as marble, slate, granite and travertine.
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Granite Stone Restoration

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