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Marble. Restored to the next level.

D'Sapone® is one of the best marble restoration companies in the world. It has the most passionate artists, taking marble stone to the next level with quality products. We started with powerful cleaners and stain free sealers, which last over 5 years. Once our quality marble restorations meet your stone, everything has to be perfect. All of our marble services are listed below.

Cleaning marble with a
deep patented process.

Our first step to preserving the marble’s look – cleaning, prepping and sanitizing the stone at a sanitized level. Our Tulsa artists will eliminate all the stains and any sealers if present in the stone. After they clean your marble, you will be astonished at a glance.
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Grout sealing re-envisioned.

Cleaning process doesn’t eliminate 100% stains. We cover all the grout lines with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium sealer. It locks out the stains permanently with a natural look. Our grout sealing service is backed by a 5 year labor warranty.
Marble grout sealing>

Repairing cracked grout
with Sentura.

We repair the cracked grout between marble tiles with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. Not only do we rectify the cracking issue, we also color match the product to the grout and blend the cracks with the surface.
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Permanently repairing
cracked marble tiles.

Cracked marble tiles are nothing short of a burden. We apply a two part pigmented solvent resin – Sentura to the stone. Formulated at a 1200psi adhesion level, it repairs the cracks permanently and leaves the surface with a lush natural look.
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Applying a clear invisible
sealer to the stone.

After the grout is sealed, we use Repela-Bond – a clear invisible sealer for marble. It seeps deep into the surface preventing liquids from passing through the stone. Our marble restoration service always includes the Repela-Bond sealing process.
Marble penetrating sealer>

Sealing marble with
a clear topical sealer.

Sealing marble with a clear topical sealer.

Just imagine, your marble floor, shower and countertop will never stain and will stay clean with a refined beauty. We can turn it into reality with Celine – a clear topical solvent based sealer. It penetrates deep into the stone, preventing future staining, while pulling out all its glamorous colors.
Topical clear sealing marble>

Marble. Polished to its
most elegant form.

The biggest issue found due to marble polishing – stone etching. Our patented marble polishing process brings the perfect shine to the stone for a lifetime with no etching and no staining issues. D'Sapone® is the only company, who reinvented the stone polishing service.
Marble stone polishing>

A ‘Healthy Marble Shower’
is designed for you.

A ‘Healthy Marble Shower’ is designed for you.

Is your marble shower looking dirty with stains and mold? We will make it look new for a lifetime with our patented ‘Healthy Shower’ service, including all the processes that can take your stone to the next level. We will clean, prep and sanitize the surface and then, will seal it with quality sealers. We will also replace the caulk with the most powerful sealant –Sentura, waterproofing all the corners. Experience a mold and stain free shower for your lifetime with a 5 year labor warranty.
Marble shower restoration>

Marble restoration estimate.
Call your artists.

Take your marble to that level you strive for. Fill out our online estimate form and upload the images of the areas need to be restored. Your estimate will be assigned to a stone artist, who will take care of the rest.
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