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Leaving your slate hydrophobic
with a solvent sealer.

Slate and grout cleaning
by D'Sapone® professionals.

Professionally cleaning slate tile and grout is the first step to all of our slate restoration processes. Making the unsighted stone look fresh new is just second nature to us. Slate cleaning>

Grout sealing between slate.

With the correct products from pFOkUS®, our Tulsa artists can accomplish what you never imagined before. They will color seal the grout between slate tiles with Caponi® – a two part pigmented titanium resin, with a 5 year labor warranty.
Slate grout staining>

Cracked grout restoration.

Cracked grout on the slate surface is not a pretty sight as it ruins the entire floor and shower. Grout cracks due to the movement of the tiles or the substrate below the surface. We repair the cracks with a two part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin – Sentura, which is formulated with a 1200psi adhesion. It also prevents future cracking issue.

A natural look sealer.
Easy maintenance.

Slate should always be sealed with a quality sealer, once it is cleaned. We apply a natural look clear resin – Repela Bond, to the stone. It soaks deep into the surface preventing future staining. The best part is, it can be maintained easily.
Slate sealing>

A clear topical sealer.
Leaving slate hydrophobic.

We use the most powerful sealer in the world – Celine, which is a clear resin topical solvent based sealant. It waterproofs the stone and keeps it immaculate. The top slate is sealed with Celine, while the bottom is unsealed.
Sealing slate tile>

Repairing slate cracks.
Making it look new.

Cracks in slate diminish surface’s value. Not only do we rectify this issue, we also make it look new for a lifetime with a flexible resin/epoxy.
Sealing slate tile>

Enjoy a ‘Healthy Slate

We have revolutionized the entire restoration industry with our incredible slate restoration processes, offering a ‘Healthy Shower’. Our Tulsa artists will not only sanitize your shower, they will also seal the stone and grout, eliminate the caulk that causes mold and stains. Our motto is to get rid of mold, stain and etching issues permanently.
Slate shower restoration>

From artist to customer.
We are here to restore your slate.

Tulsa, fill out our estimate form and receive an estimate asap or call and talk to a D'Sapone® expert, who will assist you with all your concerns. Our artists are all trained and certified in cleaning, sealing, repairing and maintaining your natural stone.
Slate restoration estimate>
Call (918)213-0090>

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