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A Healthy Travertine Shower.

It’s a breath of fresh air, your travertine shower with no more mold, mildew nor stained grout and stone. The worst part of travertine and what we do about it are all listed below….

Services below are included.

Cleaning and Prep.

Our artists don’t only clean the travertine – they prep, sanitize, and clean while removing any sealers or stains present in the stone. Prepping is one of the most important keys of any successful restoration.
Travertine shower cleaning>

Creating a caulk free
travertine shower.

The burden of caulk, which causes mold, mildew and peels away from your walls and floor, has now gone. Your artist will replace all the caulk with Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible epoxy/resin.
Caulk free travertine shower>

Sealing grout with
pigmented titanium.

Enjoy stain free grout with a 5 year labor warranty. Caponi® is a 2 part solvent titanium pigmented grout sealer, which is chemical resistant and never peels or wears off the mortar.
Caponi® color seal>

Sealing travertine stone.
A clear invisible sealer.

A true travertine shower restoration service always includes a stone sealing process. Only cleaning stone is not enough to keep the surface sanitized, as it retains moisture, causing mold. Our Travertine Healthy Shower service comes with Repela-Bond sealing process. Once we seal your stone, you will have a hydrophilic surface.
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Services below are optional.

Sealing travertine at a
waterproofed level.

Meet our most durable stone sealer, Celine – a natural look oil based sealant. It doesn’t only seal the stone, but also creates a hydrophobic surface. Celine prevents the travertine from etching and absorbing moisture. It penetrates deep into the stone halting the growth of mold.
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Efflorescence issues
destroy travertine showers.

Efflorescence is a white substance that fills your drain and grows over the travertine stone and grout. Hair bonds to the efflorescence, causing clogs and burdens. Our artists don’t only eliminate the efflorescence, they also achieve that new look and then waterproof the shower to prevent future issues.
Efflorescence removal>

Repairing travertine
holes and then some.

Filling the travertine holes with grout or a filler is a temporary fix with an unpleasant looking repair. Our artists use Sentura and color match the stone to give that lush natural look.
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Travertine maintenance.
Maintained by you.


We take proud in our restoration and the after care that takes place after we leave. pFOkUS® has a Healthy Care Kit, which includes Valore – a green maintenance cleaner that coats the stone at the same time. We’re protecting the travertine and nature never wavered from our goals.
Maintaining travertine>

Travertine shower restoring.
Contact an artist today.

A free estimate to the very last detailed is key to your achieving that desired look you yearned for. Fill out our online estimate form and have us call you back, schedule an on-site estimate or upload the images of your damaged areas for an online estimate.
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Does D'Sapone® warranty the Healthy Travertine Shower process?

We offer a 5 year labor warranty on all of our healthy shower and healthy floor systems.

Do pFOkUS® products come with a manufacture warranty?

Yes, pFOkUS® offers a 10 year warranty on all of their products with the “Healthy Care Kit” protection. This kit includes Valore to clean & protect your surface.

Will Valore make my shower floor slippery?

No. Valore will soak deep into the travertine stone pores.

Will you repair my cracked grout?

Yes. Our goal is to create an immaculate travertine shower.

Will Repela-Bond change the look of my travertine stone?

No. Repela-Bond is an invisible sealer, leaving travertine with a natural look.

What is the most durable travertine sealer D'Sapone® uses?

Celine is our most durable sealer for Travertine stone.

How long will it take for the stone to dry, so we can shower again?

Wait at least 24 hours before showering.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®’s artist instead of regular contractors?

The question speaks for itself. We are passionate artists.


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