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Floor Cleaning and Sealing Services in San Diego.

Cleanliness taken to the next level.

Restored Floor

Stone floors. Spotless. Stainproof.

Stone cleaning and sealing is an art our San Diego artists came to master. Making the stained and dirty stone floors look new for a lifetime with exquisitely designed cleaners and sealers is just second nature to them.
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Stone Floors Restoration

The future of grout
sealing is here.

Once our artists perform the floor cleaning and sealing services in San Diego, everything has to be perfect. We apply an exclusively designed titanium resin sealer – Caponi® from pFOkUS®. It soaks deep into the grout creating a waterproofed surface and prevents stains permanently. Caponi® cannot be damaged by harsh chemicals or scrubbing.
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Caponi Pigmented Color Seal Floors

A sealer with the
newest formulas.

Water based sealers are nothing short of a burden on floors. These sealers soften and peel in wet settings, while they dry up and crack in dry settings. This allows stains to take place and ruin the entire floor. We refined our sealers with new technology eliminating these issues. When we perform our floor cleaning and sealing services in San Diego, we apply a two part pigmented titanium resin –Caponi®, waterproofing the grout. It will never peel and can’t be damaged by chemicals.
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Sealing Floor Grout

Sealed grout maintenance.
Maintained by you.

After we perform our floor cleaning and sealing services in San Diego, you can keep its look for a lifetime with Valore. It’s a maintenance cleaner, cleaning and adding a coating protection at the same time. It keeps the floor clean with a 5 year labor warranty.
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Eliminating floor stains permanently.

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Floor Restoration Estimate

Email us the pictures of your stained floor to get the best floor cleaning and sealing services in San Diego. What are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your free estimate today.
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Questions about sealing floors?
Here are our answers.

Is Caponi® available in colors?

Color has pigments in ‘part A’ and we have more than 40 colors. We match the color of your current tile and grout.

Does Caponi® have an odor and if it has, then how long will it linger?

Yes. There is also a lavender fragrance in order to mask the chemical smell. Based on solvent, Caponi® grout sealer needs to hold up to the harsh elements in steamrooms and showers. Once the sealer catalyzes, the smell will dissipate in a few hours.

How long will Caponi® protect my grout if I have high traffic and animals?

Our Caponi® sealer will last more than 10 years and it allows us to offer a 5 year warranty.

Can we scrub Caponi® with a grout brush?

Of coarse. It is the only grout sealer, which can be scrubbed and it cannot be damaged by harsh chemicals. Don’t be convinced by the companies, who say, don’t use harsh chemicals nor scrub their sealers.

Can Caponi® be applied on sanded, nonsanded and epoxy grouts?

Yes. Caponi® has a 1283psi adhesion, which enables it to bond all types of grouts.

Within how much time we can walk on our floors after our grout is sealed?

You can walk on your floors within 4 hours.

Is Caponi® used by other contractors?

No. Only we have exclusive rights to use the products manufactured from pFOkUS®.

Why should we contact D'Sapone®?

We deliver the best floor cleaning and sealing services with our high quality products.

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